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I am an RSS lover.
If it was up to me, I would use RSS everywhere; but, unfortunately, it is not. Since 99% of the people have no idea what it is, and half of that remaining 1% think it is dead, the 0.5% of us have to find some ways to continue using it for everything everywhere, in order to enlighten the view of the non-geeks (most of the above mentioned 99%) and the skeptics.


My dream is for RSS to replace social media.
Of course, it will never happen, and I would be super happy if only the Fediverse gained more popularity. I explained in a better way this philosophy by writing about the alternatives to Social Media in

Mainly, the point is this: let’s use RSS to connect and exploit the power of a decentralized, self-owned, possibly even self-hosted internet.


There is a problem I initially did not consider, though: Subscribing to news feed ≠ following on social media.



  • PolitePol is a great tool transform any webpage in a RSS feed. It is madly expensive, so I set it up on my server. You may check and use it by visiting; very surprisingly I was able to configure it but it doesn’t work for Twitter and Instagram, as I hoped. Therefore, it’s quite useless.
  • RSS-Bridge, it parses RSS feeds from several internet services.
  • Feedbin is the RSS reader I use. It is awesome.
  • NetNewsWire is the client for both iOS and MacOS which synchronizes with Feedbin.
  • Something I miss is a nice and neat images first feed reader. Feedbin and NetNewsWire are not optimal to view media.
  • I got in touch with the developer of 1Feed, and we share a lot of common interests, I am starting using it. It is wonderful for tweets and brief content.