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Free Software Foundation Europe

I am working full time at the FSFE as an intern.

Embracing the Berlin life

After moving to Berlin for my internship, quite a lot of unprecedented things crashed down on me. Above them all, living in a really big city, whose language I don’t speak, a place with a very different soul, temperature, and temperament with respect to the places I have lived before.

Settling in and discovering this fascinating conundrum of life is taking up pretty much all of the time I am not working.

Mostly threading my way into whimsical raves, meeting people, strolling around, getting lost, being found, then lost again into the thundering darkness of this unique city.


I told myself that I would commit to carve out some time to focus on comprehensively revising my bachelor’s thesis to make into a book. I am not doing it as much as I wanted, but I am keeping the mindset.


Pan is a Fediverse node I conceived and I maintain together with APS Oltre, the same association organizing Scambi Festival

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