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You just entered an overwhelming, mindblowing, and confused space inside the immense wonderland of the World Wide Web 🕸️. This place is 🚨 a perpetual work in progress 🏗️ populated by thoughts 💭, absurd visions 😵‍💫, silliness 🤡, hope 🌟, questions ⁉️, sort-of-answers 🤔, kinda-intuitions 💡, contraddictions 💢, disorderly attempts of reordering stuff 🎭, depictions of chaos 💥.

Welcome to the virtual representation of Tommi’s mind.

Have fun!

Tommi on stage conducting a live show

About this weirdo

Hey, I’m Tommi.

In one word, I am an enthusiast. Who I am is best represented in Tomminess.

I am in perpetual movement, and I get involved in a lot of stuff. Hence, I can really relate to what Leibniz said: in my life I started everything and concluded nothing.

I really do not know what else to write without ending up with a stream of blabbering words. To know me better just wander around here. Don’t be surprised and pardon me if many things are incomplete and messy.

Please use my PGP key

Let’s meet!

I am always eager to meet new people, in particular when a virtual contact becomes an appointment in person. Currently I am based in Berlin, don’t hesitate to schedule a meeting if you are around!

Otherwise, the following events could be great occasions to get together. Hit me up if you plan to attend any of them!

Upcoming events

DWeb Camp 2024


I am not on social media

Since March 2021, I deleted all my profiles on social media—with the exception of Linkedin (for the moment).

I firmly believe that the reasons of my choice are not merely personal, but they are universal! What is personal is the weight that each and everyone of us gives to the pro and cons of these platforms. After weighting all the factors on my personal weight, I would not stand the anxiety social media cause(d) me. I grew extremely intolerant to social media enshittification, so I quit.

Still, I also wanted to push as many people as possible to at least learn more about this. Therefore, to foster questioning of social media starting from a unique—yet comprehensive and reliable—source, I created There, I gathered all the worrisome issues of social media, together with related articles, videos or even research.

For better or worse, a lot has changed since I created the website: its content and its arguments could be relatively obsolete or limited. In any case, I still think that exploring could be a great starting point to approach this critical topic.

At the same time, my thinking matured, too. Nurtured by readings, lectures, research, and dialogues my opinion matured. Essentially, I became more conscious of the intersectionality of the fights I support. My thesis goes deeper, investigating the problem at the root of all the ones tackled by Quit Social Media, also by proposibg a new Socio-Philosophical approach to Computer Sciences. Recently, I conceived and I am taking around the world a workshop to foster collective reflections and participatively theorize new solutions. I would love for you to invite me to do the workshop somewhere, but you could even do it by yourselves!

I am not a Luddist, condemning contemporary technology no matter what. I am not a mysanthrope out of the world, either. I proudly use alternative, decentralized, and independent social networks. You can find me in the Fediverse, and I can’t wait for you to get in touch!


Logo Sconnesso

Sconnesso è uno pseudo-podcast in cui Tommi racconta alcune peripezie che accadono nella sua vita saltellante e elucubrazioni che affollano la sua mente contorta.
Sconnesso è sbagliato, ma non scorretto. È atipico, ma non poi così originale. È curato, ma non studiato certosinamente. È esasperante, ma mai noioso. È improvvisato, ma non raffazzonato. Non è preparato, ma è attentamente pensato. È confuso e disordinato, ma non complicato. È sconnesso, ma non disconnesso.

Latest post

Rethinking my digital space

My past year has been unprecedentedly full of novel opportunities, experiences, life accomplishments. Going back further, during the past few years I reckon I changed a lot. To boil it down to a single word, I would dare to say that I have matured. One of the many expressions of such a change, perhaps the most glaring, is the fact that I have basically stopped writing on this website. Over time, degenerated from a joyful and original way of being online to the main symptom of a mad quest for digital liberation, generating anxiety and stress. It may seem exaggerated (because it is), but mutated into a haunting thought of a digital space I had to maintain, becoming the gatekeeper of my ability to enjoy things. Most of the time, I would not be able to have a good time in real life because of a bug I could not fix in the digital domain. Instead of being... Read
Rethinking my digital space
a picture of Tommi’s head exploding with a great mess inside it

The Jam

There’s stuff I find out I wish I knew before, or stuff I just can’t keep from sharing but it’s not enough to make an article, or resources so great and useful that the whole world should know and use, or cool oddities I note and it’s nice to have them always ready at hand.

I take this things, I throw them into The Jam.

I hope it can be useful to you.

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