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YunoHost backups on Cubbit DS3 object storage using s3fs

The first step of my major wholesome migration to decentralized object storage has been to host on Cubbit DS3 the backups of Xplosion Server generated by YunoHost.

TL;DR: I am using s3fs to mount Cubbit S3 storage as an external storage device, and I use a little script that performs a YunoHost backup every night, saving it there.


I am not getting into basic things such as creating a bucket on Cubbit and configuring it.


  1. Install s3fs:
    apt install s3fs
  2. Save Cubbit DS3 credentials in
    nvim /etc/passwd-s3fs
  3. Create the directory that would be mounted as an external device:
    mkdir /mnt/backup
  4. Run s3fs to link the bucket and the local directory
    s3fs /mnt/backup -o url= -o endpoint=eu-west-1 -o use_path_request_style -o -o allow_other