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Xplosion Music

[Classical Xplosion]: ‘Classical Xplosion on Spotify’
[metamusic]: ‘metamusic on Spotify’
[Xplosion Music Extended]: ‘Xplosion Music Extended on Spotify’


  • [Classical Xplosion], an explosion of classical music which makes me jump around graciously and move vehemently in the peaks of power (I cannot dance).
  • [metamusic], music that talks about music.


Every song has a specific reason to be in this playlist, and below I am explaining why.

I decided, with a lot of struggle, to narrow down the selection to only one song for every artist, with very few special exceptions. I did it because I really wanted to identify the music which changed my life in some way or mark a milestone in my growth and evolution.

Nevertheless, since I could never give up some songs which I love but there is no reason strong enough for them to be in my life’s soundtrack, I maintain [Xplosion Music Extended], which has a broader selection of music that is there for no special reason.

Since I could never choose a song over another, the following list follows the alphabetical order of the artist’s name.

Alicia Keys, Empire State of Mind

Do you remember those old-looking mp3 players with an integrated USB?\ Well, when my aunt gave me my first one as a gift, there was only this song inside.

Alan Silvestri, The Avengers

I love Marvel movies. I actually get crazy before watching any new one. Avengers’ theme is the perfect representation of my hype and feelings about those awesome films. I can’t help but getting excited AF when this track starts playing.

Amélie No, Where Did You Sleep Last Night

This is a folk American song, famous all over the world because of the great performance by Nirvana. I love this one in particular because it’s part of the soundtrack of a wonderful movie I watched as a juror at Giffoni Film Festival 2018: Les Faux Tatouages.

America, A Horse with No Name

While I was in middle school, most of my nerdy afternoons were wasted by playing at GTA San Andreas. In that crazy game, every time you steal a car, you can hear the radio. I learned this song because every time I stole a car I would end up listening to it.

Avenged Sevenfold, Welcome to the Family

I practiced windsurf from my 12s to my 17s. I remember vividly the day me and my team went with my coach’s van to buy our first wet suits. Once in the shop, while I was trying on my wet suit, this song was playing.
It will forever be my windsurfing anthem.

Bandabardò, Se Mi Rilasso Collasso

Stavo lavando il pavimento di casa mia, ero agitato, stanco, peno di pensieri, totalmente esausto. Tutto d’un tratto in cuffia e partita questa canzone. Prima di quel momento, mai una canzone aveva saputo descrivere così efficacemente e precisamente il mio stato d’animo. Se mi rilasso, collasso è il mio motto.

The Beatles, Yellow Submarine

A hot day of April during my last year of elementary school, we spent a day to visit what the following year would become my middle school.
My soon-to-be English professor, to welcome us, held a class only on this song. In that moment I realized how brilliant The Beatles are and how much I loved English.

Ben E. King, Stand by Me

This was the introductory song of an Italian fiction I watched with my parents when I was little. It reminds me of a safe place, mountains of love and hugs by my parents.

The Blues Brothers, Everybody Needs Somebody

No description needed. This song speaks for itself.

Bob Dylan, Blowin’ in the Wind

I have never been a great guitar player. Not even a decent one, actually. By listening and playing to this simple yet meaningful song, though, I understood how the value of music does not lie in the playing skills or in the cool sounds, but in the story behind every note and every note, chose carefully and therefore full of emotions.

Brunori Sas, Italian Dandy

Il mio brano preferito di Brunori. Riassume il mio modo di essere, il mio desiderio di romanticismo decadentista e di esistenza leggera e ribelle.

C2C, Down The Road

The day I met my friend Fabio, he made me listen to this song and plenty of other electronic ones to brag about his great endless music catalog (at the time, eMule was still ruling). It has a great sound, and it reminds me of that good old times.

Cage The Elephant, There Ain’t No Rest For The Wicked

I was in my car, driving home. This song popped out from the stereo, it pumped me so much I listened to it in loop for the whole journey; after a few hours I found out that Virgin Radio opened a contest to win to tickets for their show, in Milan. I applied, but, even if I did not win, the day before the concert it was canceled, because of the outbreak of the pandemic.
Matt Shultz worked as a plumber, as I did (for one month), and I do not know why I feel kind of a connection with him.

Cantiere 164, Stella Cometa

I Cantiere 164 sono dei grandi. Ci siamo conosciuti il 30 aprile 2017, quando sono venuti a Sanremo per essere intervistati da Radioimmaginaria. Da quel giorno, abbiamo stretto un grande legame di amicizia e stima reciproca, del quale sono molto orgoglioso. Li ho portati a suonare alla Teen Parade e sono stati i protagonisti del primo Il mio CUBO Suona il Rock. Stella Cometa è il brano che stavano promuovendo quando ci siamo incontrati e, per quando anche gli altri pezzi siano una forza, per me questo resterà sempre il numero uno.

+++to be continued…