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Soundtracks of my life. The songs which marked my existence and made me who I am.

Premise #

Where #

Technicalities #

Every song has a specific reason to be in this playlist, and I am trying to explain the reason for each song, in its original language.

I decided, with a lot of struggle, to narrow down the selection to only one song for every artist, with very few special exceptions. I did it because I really wanted to identify the music which changed my life in some way or mark a milestone in my growth and evolution.

Nevertheless, since I could never give up some songs which I love but there is no reason strong enough for them to be in my life’s soundtrack, I maintain Xplosion Music Extended, which has a broader selection of music that is there for no special reason.

Since I could never choose a song over another, the following list follows the alphabetical order of the artist’s name.

Alicia Keys, Empire State of Mind #

Do you remember those old-looking mp3 players with an integrated USB?
Well, when my aunt gave me my first one as a gift, there was only this song inside.

Alan Silvestri, The Avengers #

I love Marvel movies. I actually get crazy before watching any new one. Avengers’ theme is the perfect representation of my hype and feelings about those awesome films. I can’t help but getting excited AF when this track starts playing.

Amélie No, Where Did You Sleep Last Night #

This is a folk American song, famous all over the world because of the great performance by Nirvana. I love this one in particular because it’s part of the soundtrack of a wonderful movie I watched as a juror at Giffoni Film Festival 2018: Les Faux Tatouages.

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