The whole Jam

Every single ingredient of The Jam


CSS snippets I use


Le cose che sto facendo


Stuff I am up to in these days

Se la vita che salvi è la tua

Estratti e pensieri da Se la vita che salvi è la tu di Fabio Geda


Thinking about how to think


Debugging the self as if it was a malfunctioning software.


It starts like a punch in the chest. I put up a battle with myself not to close the computer and run away and try to forget what I looked...

Aaron swartz

My notes concerning the ideas of one of my idols

Common knowledge

Thoughts about the imporance of giving equal access to knowledge to all


Scripts I need to create

Geek todo

Computer related tasks tracking

Quit social media notes

Random messed up multilingual notes about


About the awesome wonderful genius Musical by the awesome wonderful genius Jonathan Larson

Rise of the runelords

Appunti sulla campagna Rise of the Runelords


Appunti e risorse per giocare a Pathfinder/Dungeons & Dragons

Santa maradona

Collezione di disordinate idee da Santa Maradona, il mio film preferito.

La morte di Ivan Il’ič

Note ed estratti da un romanzo breve ma intenso, vero e geniale.


Log of movies I watched, parsed from this source file. Temporary solution until Moviewyrm becomes true.


Log of movies I intend to watch, parsed from this source file. Temporary solution until Moviewyrm becomes true.


After watching these movies and series, I was not the same anymore.

A rainy day in new york

Pensieri sul film bello favoloso intenso di Woody Allen, ma in realtà pensieri sui film di Woody Allen in generale.

Woody allen

Chi è Woody Allen per me


The study of studying, or: how to study in a better way

Self improvement

Practices for improving the self, its connection to the surrounding environment and living life in the best possible way


Concept of an IMDb/TMDb alternative, a fork of Bookwyrm made for movies.

Quit imdb

It is owned by Amazon, and it is destroying the profoundness and sacredness of cinema.

Cheat sheets

I use tech devices a lot, maybe too much, but I do not dive in too technically. The few times I have to get things done with more technical tools,...


Configuration files to keep track of

House of cards

The concept of doing what one has to do, explained in [[La morte di Ivan Il’ič]]:


L’atto di ripensare da capo un concetto già conosciuto


![[La morte di Ivan Il’ič#Compartimentalizzazione]]

Missing knowledge

Directions to lead my curiosity towards, a.k.a. what I have to learn


A wonderfully clever way to manage knowledge and ideas as well as memories and lecture notes: the ultimate digital brain database system.


How I label everything I write and collect and according to what criteria.


Writings I intend to translate


An eternally incomplete yet continuously growing collection of the sources of my knowledge


What makes CSVs wonderful and how do I use them


Stuff about Bash


Insights about JavaScript, a great tool but also a nightmare.

Website development

Creative and technical aims, ideas annotation and drafts tracking.

Academic writing with pandoc

Notes on writing and rendering long writings with citations via PanDoc

A script will do

Why it is important to work with simple and specific scripts rather than dealing with complex extensive software

Quit spotify

Thoughts and decisions about quitting Spotify


Insights about music when made, played, or listened

Cron jobs

What Cron Jobs are, how to set them up, what are the ones I use


I cannot draw.


Some notes about Piwigo, a great solution for hosting and storing images. I use it on


A collection of colors I love and where I use them


Per Massimo Cacciari il problema che colpisce chi fa filosofia è un problema su cui l’opinione comune sorvola, che non coglie, non afferra. La disposizione, la vocazione filosofica, invece, lì...


Steve Jobs about actively living and changing our own life Casey Neistat’s Do what you Can’t


Notes concerning happiness

Bugs and feature requests

Bugs and Feature requests for the apps I use

Flickr to piwigo

Thoughts and decisions about quitting Flickr and switching to Piwigo

Quit and switch

Quitting systems, software, bad habits is always hard and often painful. Nevertheless, if it is for the best, it is worth it. Below some of the things I am quitting....


Notes concerning storage management, viable solutions and systems tsting


There are some great things I really believe in, but most of my friends have no idea what they are. Since it is becoming quite a bothering and long task...

Quit netflix

Any streaming service is of little use, when you can watch anything for free!


Un archivio di (quasi) tutte le cose che faccio e che ho fatto, in ordine cronologico e inverso

Un indovino mi disse

Riflessioni sull’omonimo libro del grande Tiziano Terzani

Web typography

Notes on a great book on Web Typography by Richard Rutter.


Linuxplosion is my awesome workstation which I assembled in 2019 to edit Everyone. I now use for my most heavy computing tasks, such as video editing or image processing

Ode to plain text

I’m not a developer, but I’m a geek.


My server is a surprisingly powerful (considered how much I pay for it) VPS hosted in Germany by Contabo. It runs Ubuntu 20.04.


Notes on the awesome Fediverse social Pixelfed

Tutte le mie puntate su Radioimmaginaria

Un database incompleto (mancano gli ultimi anni, alcuni eventi alcune puntate in mezzo) di tutte le puntate di Radioimmaginaria a cui ho partecipato.I post di Facebook nei link non sono...

Jack frusciante è uscito dal gruppo

Enrico Brizzi aveva la mia età quando scrisse Jack Frusciante è uscito dal gruppo. Volevo capire quanto quello che aveva nella testa corrisponda a quello che ho io ora, perciò...

Scale app

An app which is capable of weighting stuff by reading an object’s pressure on a touch screen

Reading is enough

All over the web the saying goes that reading without taking notes is like not reading at all. But, to me, it’s not quite so.

The picture of dorian gray

[Basil Hallward]: When I like people immensely I never tell their names to anyone. It is like surrendering a part of them. I have grown to love secrecy. It seems...


I consider myself a Firefox power user: I love it and I take full advantage of its features. Here’s how I do it.

Server setup

A walktrough of the steps I executed to set up my server


Conversion to RSS, everywhere. It is the right way

My name is on mars

My name is engraved in a plate on NASA’s Perseverance rover which is on Mars

Website log

Since I put a lot of care and attention to details in this website (probably even too much) I figured out it is worth sharing my decisions about implementations and...

Notes on indistractable

Notes on Indistractable by Nir Eyal.

Knowledge management

It’s so hard to forget what has been learned. Here are some efficient ways to keep track of content

The slot philosophy

I get distracted very easily, an my mind goes from a topic to a totally different one in no time. While this can be a great quality to be creative...


Notes about Typography


In our world, especially on the web, there is a lot of content, maybe too much, and it’s very easy for me to get anxious because I can’t keep up...

Data loss

Data loss

Switch to linux

Insights, guides, notes and ideas about completely switching to Linux.

Stop highlighting, start underlining

Highlighting is strong, excessive, distracting, aggressive. Underlining is soft, neat, light, instead.

Data sources

There are hundreds (if not thousands) of free data sets available, ready to be used and analyzed by anyone willing to look for them. Below is a list of some...

Pier paolo pasolini

Novità che giace unicamente nella provocazione? p.VII provocatorietà > oggettività p. IX nulla di nuovo, ma solo ora quei processi arrivavano in Italia p. X


Cos’è l’Hebertismo


La mia scrivania da me costruita con bancali riciclati


My Monero address

Xplosion attic

Sin da quando avevo 10 anni sognavo di trasferire la mia cameretta nella soffitta della mia casa a Riva Ligure, dove sono cresciuto. Riuscii a convincere i miei genitori ad...


La mia libreria, costruita con bancali riciclati


It is definitely too late for lunch, but the classical meals of a mid-afternoon snack do not seem really attracting. In addition, you feel like a Spritz would be the...


Cheat Sheet

Il titolone superlungo

Appunti per il format più formattato della storia, ideato e realizzato a Giffoni Film Festival 2020, ma mai andato in onda

Around the world

Places I love around the world

Xplosion music

Soundtracks of my life. The songs which marked my existence and made me who I am.


Gli oggetti da cui non mi separo mai. Quando li smarrisco o perdo la cognizione di dove sono in quel momento (spesso, addosso a me), entro in crisi.

Compagni di viaggio

Gli oggetti da cui non mi separo mai. Quando li smarrisco o perdo la cognizione di dove sono in quel momento (spesso, addosso a me), entro in crisi.


Every geek worth to be called so has a custom launcher. This is the story of how I changed my preferred one for my first time, after several years.


Concept of a social network whose algorithmic bias is overcome by user empowerment

The power of decentralization md

My final essay for VIU’s Global Internet Governance course.


Notes about moving out of GitHub and setting up a self-hosted Gitea instance.


Real and fictional characters who left a mark in me


Domande, risposte e affermazioni fuori di testa.


Pandoc infos and cheat sheet


Notes concerning decentralization under a technological and political perspective

When and how

There is no actual meaning for what happens in the world right now. There is no what, there is no real why, everything, anything, is reduced to a matter of...


A social network based on personal and historical events


A powerful knowledge management software, in early development


Little insights about the design world


The best text editor in the world

Leggere biografie

L’effetto ed il valore di godere della lettura di una biografia.


The easiest and arguably the best way to self-host almost anything


Cool domains ideas, notes and tracking

The jam

Online, you may stumble upon it as a Digital Garden, or it may be defined as a Zettelkasten system. Mine, instead, is definitely less ambitious; yet, it is whipped, fragmented,...


Boundaries to improve living quality


Mastering git and noting insights to fully exploit its awesomeness


Poesie incontrate vagabondando nel mondo delle parole


Too Much Information, an acronym which perfectly defines my tomminess


A science, an art. Insights, definitions, quotes, and ideas about Politics.

Demystifying the draft eu ai act

By Michael Veale


An ideal software which collects data on what you do, analyzing and showing you a summary of time you spend

Quit google

Stop depending on unethical Google services and start using healthier, often even better, alternatives

Sexual consent

Some thoughts, reference and notes concerning sexual consent, harassment and the attributes of a violent intercourse.


Swiss army knife for video and audio editing from command line


Some are from celebrities, some were pronounced by friends of mine and may have no meaning to the public, in realtà sono quasi tutte in italiano dunque non ha senso...


Mouse Trap Car Grand Prix on Piwigo event pictures from mobile Tags structure (summer, YYYY, scout, etc.) Public and private images inside hybrid albums


Parlare dell’amore ne toglie il romanticismo: Ecce Bombo, 40:22

Esame di coscienza

riflessione quotidiana sulla propria giornata. Ragioni, tecniche e idee.



Thoughts representation

Reflections on ways of representing, noting ideas and effectively learn and remember concepts.


Notes, improvement ideas and thoughts on ReMarkable, the renowned e-paper tablet

The morning show

Probably it was just me, oblivious, off-social media and absolutely distracted, but season two of The Morning Show got back a bit low-key. Not much enthusiasm, a bunch of mildly...

Road to internet freedom

My personal roadmap towards an ever growing freedom and awareness in using digital tools

Internet freedom

Insights and steps towards a greater digital awareness and freedom


Bugs, feature request and notes about Cubbit, the decentralized storage system I love and use everyday


Stuff I need and things I just would love to have


Guida minima alla vita studentesca veneziana Sconti e riduzioni per studenti Universitari a Teatro Calendario Teatro La Fenice

Stambecco cinetico

Stambecco Cinetico è il mio totem, o nome di caccia.

Importing workflow

How to import and manage pictures and videos in the most seamless way possible

Backup checklist

To keep the phone rolling smoothly, from time to time a classic data backup and factory reset are necessary, but it’s important not to forget what to save before hitting...


Resources about and for Python

Hard links manager

The core idea behind this software is really simple: creating, managing and keeping synchronized hard links of all the files in specific directories.


La curiosità non è una qualità naturale, soprattutto non deve essere considerata come un dato di fatto. La curiosità va stimolata e deve essere frutto di soffrerenza, sforzo, impegno. [[Leggere]]...


in realtà l’innovazione tecnologica non riduce la quantità di lavoro ma innalza standard qualitativi della produzione come spiega con efficacia il giornalista Oliver Burkeman

Deleted accounts

A list archived links to profiles which I deleted.

Delete an account

Deleting an account from an online service


Accordi e testi di canzoni da cantare a squarciagola e con la chitarra, davanti a un fuoco crepitante a qualunque ora del giorno o della notte

Self debugging app

A script which poses you questions to debug you

La marmellata

Sul web viene comunemente chiamato Digital Garden, oppure può essere definito come sistema Zettelkasten. La mia, invece, è molto neno altisonante, ma più frullata e gustosa: si tratta di una...

Titoli di coda

Titoli di coda indimenticabili.

Desk logging

monthly pictures of my desk, wherever I am


I get distracted very easily, an my mind goes from a topic to a totally different one in no time. While this can be a great quality to be creative...

Being a self editor

I am a self editor, I am the editor of myself.

Permanent html

Building websites with an HTML structure which does not need to be changed when CSS changes


Insights concerning the great LaTeX language


The tool I build this website with


Connecting visually to a remote device through SSH


Things to know and remember about Brave


Una collezione di biografie speciali


Things I need help with


Webrings this website belongs to

Brillo parlante

The very place where [[Drunch]] was invented.

Perché signal

Perché Signal è così importante e perché preferirlo a WhatsApp è una scelta etica e non puramente da nerd


Why it is important to switch to Signal, and all of the reasons why it is an ethical choice and not a merely technical one

The target=\"_blank\" argument

Thoughts about target=_blank and rel=noopener

Veumeu 2021

Random notes on VeUMEU issues of the 2021 edition

Politics ideas

Dull solutions or potential changes which pop up in my mind while I study Politics.

Relationship with technology

About the relationship between humans and technology


Info and nice stuff about OpenStreetMap


Cose per cui dovrei trovare un nome migliore


An awesome knowledge management and note taking app which perfectly integrates with Markdown and Jekyll.


Books I own and books I would love to read and/or have


Using only the keyboard on a computer immediately makes everything twice as slower, but on the long run four times faster

Switch to lineageos

Removing the default operating system on my Android device and installing LineageOS.

Switch to darktable

Experiments and attempts of moving away of proprietary photo editing software and embracing open formats.


A great app to sync media across devices

Chi sono

Tommi =?

Self tracking

Gaining knowledge and awareness of ourselves by collecting any sort of data which concern us


POLITICAL THEORY - Karl Marx The Communist Manifesto audio book

Quit mailchimp

Thoughts and decisions about quitting Mailchimp


Finding an equilibrium between great design and maximum performance with minimal size.


Un’arte speciale. Qui raccolgo i modi in cui è stata descritta e i suggerimenti per affinarla

Missing digital tools

Ideas for programs which would be very useful, but I did not find yet

Universal html

Developing a Universal HTML structure for static websites


Blogs or websites worth remembering.


Making the web lighter

New york

I have never been to New York. Here I gather stuff for when I will

Gli ultimi quindici minuti di the newsroom

Emozoni a caldo dopo aver finito The Newsroom


Modern Love, episode 3

Lost and found

A record of the stuff I lose and (hopefully) find


Even though I am not a serious photographer, I absolutely love this form of expression. Here, I collect tips and inspiration to understand it

Screen empathy

An app which allows voluntaries to share their screen and show what they do to the world


An audio recorder on steroids.

Conoscere il mondo dall’alto

Siamo abituati a conoscere il mondo dall’alto, ad avere una visione complessiva della morfologia di un territorio guardandone la cartina.

Ricostruzione della perdita di memoria virtuale

Frammenti ritrovati nella scatola nera del mio cervello, per ricostruire il sorprendente reset automatico compiuto dal mio telefono senza miei interventi il 15 febbraio 2021.

Il cubo

Il Cubo è la spiaggia più bella di Sanremo. Può godere di questo primato in quanto, pur essendo uno stabilimento balneare, non ne possiede alcuna, di spiaggia.

Referral links

All of the referral links and codes linked to me for various services

Al canton

In Campo Santa Margherita, a Venezia, c’è un bar, il bar dello Spritz delle 17 per antonomasia. Tutti coloro che hanno almeno una volta bazzicato a Venezia possono capire molto...

Docker server setup

Configuration of a Docker server

Indie web

Connecting the web through independent websites


Insights about reading

Jekyll sidenotes

A Jekyll plugin which implements sidenotes


Do one thing at a time!

Wait to sing up

As of right now, my password manager contains too many passwords. I need to wait before signing up to services I don’t and won’t use.

Quit listing

Lists are everywhere, and they are taking over literature


A software which counts every time a key is clicked on a keyboard and does an average of how many keys are clicked in a day, which one is the...


Getting new healthy habits is the best way to accomplish a healthier lifestyle and accomplish an ever greater [[Self improvement]].


Insights about traveling

Keynote mdn linux day 2020

Appunti e risorse della presentazione di MDN Web Docs al Linux Day 2020.


Tips on set

Notes on ten arguments for deleting your social media accounts

Notes from the great book by Jaron Lanier, Ten Arguments for Deleting Your Social Media Accounts, which I discovered almost at the end of my journey in creating It...


An app for lunatic people. Used to learn by themselves their sudden attitude changes and track how their emotions evolve over time.

Shadow map

A plugin for OsmAnd (or OpenStreetMap) and/or Google Maps which shows the buildings’ shadows during different times of the day. Useful in hot and sunny days not to burn as...


A unique, universal and simple method to share stuff


The art of training the mind to focus and commit to the present by gifting it with few minutes a day of complete nothingness

Questions to ask to an ai

How many friends do you have? Can you travel?

Just once

An app which automatizes the update of a profile picture on several different platforms

Inventario da vendere

Generatore elettrico arcano (donato a Chalatil) Maschera di Saroon Cannocchiale magico Kaleb Valdemar Fascia Carisma collane di zaffiri ed ambra (forziere Mokmurian) amuleto Minotauro (labirinto) 12 ametiste (Forgia delle rune,...

Digital wellbeing implementations

Interesting and curious integrations which could be implemented in the system Digital Wellbeing app on mobile, linking to [[Nolan]].

Appunti rise of the runelords

Forgia delle Rune

Post Comprensione

Un ottimo modo per allenare la mente e sviluppare capacità cognitive e di concentrazione potrebbe essere quello di anticipare in un testo concetti non ancora spiegati, forzando la rilettura e...

Internet awesomeness

Sources of awesomeness on the World Wide Web.


Leggo e sento tante perole belle (oppure brutte ma con un gran significato) e ho paura di perderle, perciò le annoto qui.


A comprehensive list of apps I use + interesting apps I have to keep record of.


Tutti i giri che ho fatto come spettatore e non come organizzatore, contrariamente al solito

Storia della gilda degli esplosivi

Lingualunga senza saperlo da qualche decennio è parte della gilda di bardi ladri chiamata la Gilda degli Esplosivi. Della gilda fanno parte tutti i più stravaganti, drogati, matti ma estremamente...

Lingualunga storia del personaggio

Non mi ricordo dove son nato, il ricordo più remoto che ho è di quando stavo suonando, con mio papà che mi insegnava, in una locanda del mio paese, di...