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Who Tommi is cannot exhaustively be defined merely by his About page, his resume, what he is doing, nor what he did.

In so many occasions my friends come to me and say something like: questa cosa è un sacco da Tommi, ti ho immediatamente pensato perché mi ha ricordato te, or simply tell me something about me that makes me think oh, this is so me. I am collecting all of those attributes here.

Tommi is and at the same time pursues pure Tomminess. Unsurprisingly, Tomminess is Tommi’s way of living. It is composed by the values he stands for, joint with his peculiar annoying egocentric character.

The present page is something similar to a manifesto of Tommi’s being, inspired by the section named My values in Noel De Martin’s personal website.

Tomminess means:

  • being TMI:
    • oversharing information about oneself
    • restlessly relentlessly talking about something
  • rompere le palle
  • being egocentric
  • being angry at Capitalism:
    • Fighting Big Tech
    • hating people and ventures who are mainly profit-driven rather than humanity-driven
  • trying to lure people in the Fediverse by showing them how revolutionary it is
  • hating to feel and to appear mainstream, thus restlessly looking for an alternative and original way, either…
  • getting overblown by anxiety when…
    • …some interpersonal relationship is trembling
    • …people seem to be uninterested in what he has to say
  • alternating extreme misanthropy with insane social overwhelmingness
  • being touchy
  • hating chitchatting
  • having a tremendously difficult time distinguishing jokes and serious statements made with sarcasm, in other words: not understanding irony
  • believing in love, yet being unable to find it
  • following and advocating for the art of Introductionism
  • in pursuing Structured Procrastination, spending a ridiculous amount of time to achieve relatively unimportant tasks (such as creating this very page)
  • being stupid, but only when there is no need to be so, and…
  • …being incapable of laughing at jokes when it is time to be serious
  • being completely incapable of controlling the effects of caffeine
  • always noticing aspects of Rent everywhere
  • to love meeting people and establishing unique connections with them, having friends all over the world
  • getting super pumped and enthusiastic when people/friends he met in different occasions or in different context meet between each other thanks to his mediation.
  • both using and being 🤯 very (or too) often
  • please, if you know Tommi, comment below by writing what you think is missing, and, if accurate, it will be added.

Tommi =

Occasionally, friends of mine I have not been in touch with for quite some time pop up with a message telling me that I remind them so much of some public figure. Below a list:

My$$ Keta

un amico mi scrive che sono uguale a Myss Keta


Sveva mi dice che sono uguale a Jovanotti

Christine Lemmer-Webber

Multiple people have independently come up with the description of me as the excited puppy who comes into the room and gets everyone else excited and I’m pretty good with that

Tomminess manifestations

Things, thoughts, writings, videos, songs that represent a part of Tomminess: