Tommi Space

Switching to Linux

Before the switch

  • Backup checklist
  • Manually copy
    • Obsidian config files
    • Firefox profile
    • Thunderbird profile

On fresh device

  1. First setup steps, specifically needed for Vanilla OS
  2. Install Firefox


The best way to install Firefox is to do so via PPA, since this way it is better integrated with external applications and extensions.

  1. Follow Firefox from Mozilla builds from Install Firefox on Linux in Firefox Help, with a few differences: 5. ln -s /opt/firefox/firefox ~/.local/bin/firefox 6. wget []( -P ~/.local/share/applications
  2. Copy-paste Firefox profile

  1. Neovim. Installation, plugins, various
    • Plugins
      • ale
      • deoplete
  2. zsh + oh my zsh + plugins
  3. Installing Thunderbird
    1. copy-paste Thunderbird profile from previous device
  4. Install Nextcloud Desktop
  5. Install Obsidian
  6. Clone git repos
    1. remember to clone and manage git modules, too
  7. espanso
  8. keys remapping
  9. install fonts
    1. Inter
    2. EB Garamond
  10. auto OCR in PDFs and images
  11. Apps for GNOME
  12. Simple and basic video player
  13. Manage dotfiles. See awesome-dotfiles