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Quitting systems, software, bad habits is always hard and often painful. Nevertheless, if it’s for the best, it’s worth it. Below some of the things I’m quitting.

Most of the times, the best thing to do is to just delete it
  • Quit Social Media
    • Facebook ✅ (account deactivated on 2020.12.31)
    • Twitter
    • Instagram
      • Full data backup requested on 2020.12.31
  • Quit Google (mostly done, but my Google account still exists)
    • Check Drive Storage folder ✅ 2020.12.20
    • Check Drive Shared with me folder (useful shared links moved to [[ Google Drive shared links ]]) ✅ 2020.12.10
    • consider deleting my Gmail address for good
  • Quit Spotify (still trying to find a valid alternative / workaround)
  • Quit Flickr and Switch to Piwigo ✅ 2020.12.23 - 2021.01.18
  • Quit listing
  • Quit Mailchimp (even if I almost never used it)
  • Switch to LineageOS
  • Quit IMDb (switched to The Movie Database) ✅ 2020.12.20
  • Consider switching from Pocket to a simple list of links in plain text
  • [[ Quit Netflix ]]

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