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Stuff I do

The most relevant portion of stuff I do and I did around the world during my two decades of existence. In case you are not satisfied, do not worry: I can offer you everything.


I conceived and co-founded Scambi, The Festival of Paneurethic Labs. I organize it with a staff of under-25 volunteers. The festival takes place during the last week of August in La Pigna, Sanremo, Italy.
The festival was born from our urge to fight the intolerance towards anything or anyone different. While our planet is getting hotter and drier every day, relationships of the people living on it are getting colder and more feeble.
Our purpose is to overcome this tendency by bringing together the most different guests and public.

Xplosion Pictures

Videos and photos I shoot around the world or just when people ask me to.

My portfolio
Photo of a crowd in the sunset of Florence, Italy


I am a scout since when I was 8 years old. I love scouting and I am proud to be a scout chief.

The movement
A group photo of my scout group diring a hike

Mozilla Italia

Mozilla is the non-profit organization that develops Firefox, the best browser in the world. It also promotes several great initiatives. I am a volounteer at Mozilla Italy. occasionally, I translate MDN articles and I contribute to resources localization.

Official website
A Firefox themed illustration


LIBERA is an association which fights mafia in a non-violent way, by promoting events and educating people to legality. Together with some friends and schoolmates, I founded the Sanremo local chapter

Official website
An event by LIBERA

La Nuova Corrente

La Nuova Corrente is a school journalism project of Liceo G.D. Cassini in Sanremo. We , shot videos, conducted interviews, and did a ton of other cool stuff.

The behind the scenes of an interview by our team

Giffoni Film Festival

We’re cinema lovers coming from all over the world. We are Giffoners. Watching films and asking tricky questions to celebrities is what we do.

Masterclass Cult fellows with the actor Stefano Accorsi

Club Tenco

Club Tenco is the institution awarding the the most important prize for songwriters in Italy, and it is among the most renowned in the woeld. I have the honour to work there, speciifically during the Tenco Festival, taking place every October.

La storia del Club Tenco
A photo of the crazy Club Tenco volunteers transporting the “Tenco 2019” sign


A short movie I made. My first one and my worst one yet.

Wake up
Everyone movie poster

Mouse Trap Grand Prix

I unexpectedly won the 2018 edition of the Monaco Mouse Trap Grand Prix, building and running the fastest car powered just by the force of a mouse trap

Official website
A photo of me being awarded by the Prince of Monaco


Wherever you are, you just need an internet connection to listen to this crazy webradio (not only a radio) made just by teenagers all over the world.

A crazy photo of me with a group of speakers before going live

Philosophy of Engineering

One of the first year exams for the Computer Engineering at PoliTo can be chosen by the student. I chose Philosophy and Engineering and below you can visit the blog I created as the scope of the course.

My writings
A photo of a Bitcoin mine in Russia


I used to play trumpet and I was part of a small orchestra of young woodwinds players a few years ago. We took part to several music festivals around Italy.

An article about us
A group photo of our orchestra on stage at a Festival