Literally, metastudy should mean “studying study”; actually, it signifies deepening the knowledge of how understanding, learning and remembering something works. I collect here some thoughts concerning how to study better, while keeping in mind that my considerations are strictly personal.

As Metathinking, Metastudy can become counterproductive. It must be found a balance between the time spent optimizing study methods and the time spent actually studying.


Study in a public place or somewhere where there are other people; stay in a place where not studying feels much worse, where you naturally feel compelled to focus.


There are morning people and night people. I am part of the former group. I can understand nothing if I attempt to study something after 7PM; on the other hand, I feel much more inspired and motivated if I set my morning alarm at 6AM and commit to my study schedule from early morning.


How to study is the trickiest matter. I have not found the solution which is best suited for me, but one think I am sure of is that repeatedly processing what has been studied is enormously helpful. Hence repeating the arguments aloud, explaining tricky passages to a friend, posing ourselves questions and trying to answer them are the simplest ways to do so.

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