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Self tracking

I found out about Quantified Self from the list about it on Project Awesome. I am trying to embrace this philosophy and lifestyle, because I believe in it. Nevertheless, I am struggling a lot with the logging part, since I am a scatterbrain.

Getting Started

The basic idea is trying to pinpoint daily events and feelings which could be relevant to keep track of on the long run.


My logs

  • Sun Salutation: checking if every morning I perform Sūrya Namaskāra
  • Dreams logging: write down summaries of dreams
  • Wallet: logging expenses, earnings, and savings
  • Esame di coscienza: every night, revise the events of the day to check what could be improved and what shouldn’t be repeated.


Since I do not have the proper automations in place, every time I do something I need to perform a set of actions to properly log it.

  • Add to Tutto
  • Toot about it?
  • Post it on TMI Pics?
  • Is it worth being on the curriculum?
    • add it on LinkedIn
    • add it on Europass
  • long term? Add it on Now?


The quantified self refers both to the cultural phenomenon of self-tracking with technology and to a community of users and makers of self-tracking tools who share an interest in self-knowledge through numbers. Quantified Self practices overlap with the practice of lifelogging and other trends that incorporate technology and data acquisition into daily life, often with the goal of improving physical, mental, and/or emotional performance.

Quantified self on Wikipedia

The key concept is that you will tell the system what you’re trying to achieve, and it will then build you a plan for achieving those goals based on everything it knows about what works and what doesn’t work for people like you.

Daniel Messler, The Life Dashboard