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A script will do

There is little need to look for fancy apps and customizable complex interfaces in order to achieve a comprehensive environment which constitutes a Life dashboard. It should be sufficient, instead, to create nifty, simple, minimal, low-level, iper-specific and iper-personal scripts that allow to preserve some crucial characteristics:

  1. having most of the important data (and metadata!) in plain text, so that there is no need to go through painful, stressful and long importing or exporting practices which go beyond the use of Pandoc;
  2. improving basic coding skills by refining and updating scripts, in order to make them better.

The only, huge, drawback is that the extreme specificity of such scripts leads to a very poor if not non-existent usability for other people. The user-base would be me, and me only.

Furthermore, while technical knowledge and skills to build local-first scripts in Bash or Python for CLI are quite accessible to a non-developer like I am, anything that involves servers and APIs becomes too hard to handle. In any case, no solution would be perfect and completely future-proof, though.

Update: c-base, 2023-11-06T19:42:00+01:00

I subverted this way of thinking by rethinking my approach to technology. What us is it if not as a collective endeavor, helping others while helping ourselves?