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The Rubber Band Effect

While chatting with Clara, trying to describe how I usually feel after a series of dynamic and full days, I mindlessly used a rubber band as a metaphor that I later realized to be accurate and noteworthy.

Therefore, here is a formal description of what I’d call The Rubber Band Effect (not to be confused with The Rubber Band Theory):

Positing that the amount of a person’s energy can be represented as a rubber band, the more their energies are used, the more the rubber band is stretched. As the person is able to rest and recover their forces, the tension of the rubber band decreases accordingly. Therefore, a person’s daily life would normally appear as a continuous alternate stretching and shortening of the rubber band. A prolonged period of activity without rest would result in a great over-extension of the rubber band, and a consequent long time of absolute idleness would be comparable to releasing the rubber band.

As abruptly and completely releasing the rubber band hurts the hand holding it, in the same way it is very difficult, intense, and saddening for a person to deal with total void after a long time of great activity.