I impulsively bought a reMarkable tablet out of curiosity, after two years after finding out about its existence. I bought it with the purpose of giving it back in the 30 days test period, only to test it for a bit.
I am giving it back mainly for the reason that it is a watershed product, valuable and clever, but still too pricey for what it offers. The writing and drawing experience is excellent, almost perfect. Everything else lacks a lot of important features both from the software and the hardware points of view.

Surprisingly, there is a lot of community open source software development happening behind the scenes, but it still is largely unstable and makes the usage experience much heavier. Nevertheless, Toltec is very nice, useful, and rich of great applications.

Missing features

  • Browser
  • Straight lines tool / ruler
  • Dark background
  • split screen between two or more notes
  • more info popup when clicking on the WiFi or cloud icon in the home
  • VPN support
  • custom sleep and off splash screen
  • automatic landscape-portrait rotation of a note (if I switch, the text should not keep its original orientation)


  • Backlit display
  • RGB color
  • easier and more ergonomic pen/color/thickness switcher
  • automatic landscape/portrait rotation