Tommi Space

Portorož Youth Health Forum 2023

Final speech

Discomfort, how to address this odd and difficult to explain feeling

Wondering what was the reason of all that rumbling in my belly and weird pounding in my chest

Why a four stars hotel and not a youth hostel or a school gym, all together in sleeping bags?

The problem is not who is not in the room or who is there, but rather how we got here.


What should we do? I would start by acknowledging that the vast majority of the problems we brought forward does not tackle the fundamental problems, but rather attempts to put patches to a sinking boat.

the average wealth of the world might have grown, but the difference among the poorest and the richest widened terribly.

Absurd affirmations

  • not all inequalities are bad
  • rich people should not exist why not? You would be violating a right
  • alcool should cost more to reduce consumption