Tommi Space

Postgraduate plans

I am unsure about my life plans after graduation, but I am quite certain that academic life is not for me. Still, I feel and I know that there is a lot to study and to advocate concerning the topics I tackle in my thesis. Therefore, even though too late and guided by curiosity rather than actual interest, I am exploring potential masters. The ones I believe would suit me best are one year masters, since they would be the perfect balance between my two conflicting souls: properly concluding my academic education, and getting out of university as soon as possible.

My personal intention is to go as far as possible, start working and discover the world (it is cliché, but it is what I need)

My academic intention is to pursue my research concerning the deep intertwining of Computer Sciences (specifically, the Web) and Social Sciences.


A near-perfect master to which I would not care to dedicate two years is the International Master of Science in Computational Social Systems at RWTH Aachen University, as my friend Ruggero, who studied it and who is a former PISE student like me, suggested me. Unfortunately, the course has been discontinued, Ruggero tells me it is because there are not enough professors to teach it. Knowing this encourages me even more to pursue this path, because such lack of professionals proves how this topic is not studied/researched enough.

I posted about this on the Fediverse, and I got some interesting, but not revelatory, intel.

By wandering around Linkedin, I stumbled upon (or, I should rather write the algorithm fed me with) Digital Culture Studies at Tilburg University. It immediately got my attention, but by further reading about it, I feel it is full of stuff I already know and the intertwining with Computer Science is minimal.