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The one you are reading is more than a simple web page, it is a part of a movement started by the legendary Derek Sivers in 2015, and it grew a lot since then. To know more about the concept and find out how many people are embracing it, visit, which is a webring collecting sites which contain a /now page.

What I am doing right now:

Studying #

I am living in Venice, Italy, where I am attending Philosophy, International Studies and Economics at Ca’ Foscari University.

Planning Scambi Festival #

With a group of curious, different and crazy guys from all over Italy, I am organizing a cultural Festival. Its name is Scambi, and it is taking place in Sanremo, during the last week of August 2021. It is already been one year since we started working on this and we founded an association.

Everything about us and what we do is on our website

Projects, ideas, and collaborations #

In the meanwhile, I am continuing to wander around Italy to take part and/or assist to interesting things that happen. I take note of the most important stuff here, and here I log everything (literally anything) I have done.

Done #

What I was previously doing:

from 2020-10-16 to 2021-02-10:

Quitting Social Media #

I made the life-changing choice of deleting all of my Social Media accounts by the end of 2020. (I’m a bit late, but I’m getting there) There are a lot of reasons why I got to this point, and I discuss about this topic a l l t h e t i m e with my friends. At the moment my aim is to put together resources, articles, videos, documentaries and documents in this website. Randomly stuffed, everything is in these notes, in the meanwhile.

🏗 WIP section 🛠

This section should contain a beautifull graph displaying the relations among this note and all of the others on Unfortunately, showing it requires great coding skills and I am still working on it.