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The one you’re reading is more than a simple web page, it’s parta movement. It was started by the legendaryDerek Siversin 2015, andit grew a lotsince then. To find out more about the concept and to find outhow many peopleare embracing it,

What I’m doing right now:

Quitting Social Media

I made a life-changing choice: I’lldelete all of my Social Media accountsby the end of 2020. There are a lot of reasons why I got to this point, and I discuss about this topica l l t h e t i m ewith my friends. At the moment my aim is to put together resources, articles, videos, documentaries and documents inthis website. Randomly stuffed, everything ishere, in the meanwhile.

Planning a Festival

We have no website, no detailed schedule, no definite and clear structure. We are a group of curious, different and crazy guys from all over Italy and we have an idea, a place, a time: afestival of meetings(which is way better than is sounds), inSanremo, in August 2021. It’s already been one year since we’re working on this and we founded an association. I’m its president (🤯).

Usually, I’d suggest to subscribe to a newsletter, or I’d point to a website, but as of right now we haven’t anything like this. We’re working on it. Keep in touch.


I’m attendingPhilosophy, International Studies and EconomicsatCa’ Foscari UniversityinVenice, Italy, where I’m living.

Projects, ideas, and collaborations

In the meanwhile, I’m continuing to wander around Italy to take part and/or assist to what’s happening. I take note to the most important stuffhere, andhereI log everything (literally anything) I’m doing.

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