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This page is about something I would definitly appreciate some help for.
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Missing digital tools

Ideas for any sort of software that I would find extremely useful but that to my knowledge does not exist, yet.

  • Just once: An app which automatizes the update of a profile picture on several different platforms
  • Digital Wellbeing implementations
  • Random ideas
  • Plain text Markdown email client: An email client to send and receive plaintext emails with Markdown syntax. Syntax is rendered on-device.
  • Database Pubblica Amministrazione Trasparente: Idea di un’infrastruttura digitale che renda più semplice ed equo cercare e analizzare le spese e le entrate degli enti pubblici italiani, in particolare i comuni
  • Who said this?: Idea for a search engine optimized for quotes
  • Scale app
  • A script will do: Why it is important to work with simple and specific scripts rather than dealing with complex extensive software
  • Alan: Concept of a social network in which the algorithm governing it is built and defined by its users as if it was a LEGO.
  • Moviewyrm: A concept for an IMDb/TMDb alternative, a fork of [Bookwyrm]( 'Bookwyrm') made for movies.
  • Zig: A social network based on personal and historical events
  • Universal HTML: Developing a Universal HTML structure for static websites
  • Recorder: An audio recorder on steroids.
  • Screen empathy: An app which allows voluntaries to share their screen and show what they do to the world
  • Jekyll sidenotes: A Jekyll plugin which implements sidenotes
  • Explanations: There are some great things I really believe in, but most of my friends have no idea what they are. Since it is becoming quite a bothering and long task to repeat the exact same things every time to everyone and a quick search online is not very effective, I decided to write the most important ones myself.
  • Geek todo: Tracking of computer related tasks
  • Nolan: An ideal software which collects data on what you do, analyzing and showing you a summary of time you spend
  • Keys
  • Self debugging app: A script which poses you questions to debug you
  • Lunapp
  • Missing digital tools: Ideas for any sort of software that I would find extremely useful but that to my knowledge does not exist, yet.