What I need / have / would love to learn, in order of urgency

Actually, I don’t need to learn these things only, but here I note the main things that sooner or later will make me sit down and bingewatch tutorials on the argument to get a deep understanding of the concept, in order to make use of it in the best possible way. As you can see, it’s mainly geek-related stuff, which is the easier to keep track of.

Gaps in knowledge should be covered with the right Learning Resources, and remembered with an effective Knowledge management.

Geek stuff

  1. Pandoc see [[ Cheat sheets#Pandoc ]]
  2. git
  3. Criptocurrencies
  4. OpenStreetMap and OSMand
  5. Github Actions
  6. Makefile
    1. How to write a self-documenting Makefile
  7. using fzf
  8. The Missing Semester
  9. DigiKam
  10. Darktable
  11. Omega-T
  12. in-depth CSS learning
  13. SCSS deeper understanding
  14. YAML deeper understanding

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