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9th January 2021

Sidenotes #

Sidenotes are awesome, and after taking a look at Koos Loijesteijn post about them, I figured it would be great to implement them on here, too.

I decided not to, for now, for three main reasons:

  1. They are impossible to be implemented in Markdown, they need a lot of HTML and I don’t have the skills for making a Jekyll plugin to transform footnotes in sidenotes (but it may be [[Website log#Sidenotes|a great idea]] to create one)
  2. I could easily create an {% include sidenotes.html %} where I could pass as arguments both the note content and the word linked to it, but it wouldn’t satisfy me for two reasons:
    1. In the case of printing, it would be a great mess.
    2. On other readers or Markdown parsers outside of Jekyll I’d have a massive chunk of unrendered ugly text
  3. Considered the reasons above, it's not worth it. I use footnotes very few times (even though I massively over-use parentheses (as I am doing right now)) and with the lovely arrow1 automatically created, it’s painless to use them.

Further reading #

14 March 2021

Minimalizing #


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  1. Lovely arrow test ->