Locked ports

I was restlessly clashing
22 22 22 22 22 22
against that damned SSH port
yet you, logged in,
showing off your tender sweet id_rsa,
softly pink, mysteriously right

Mine, stubborn as always,
like me.
Relentlessly obnoxiously
I changed my IP, then SFTP, even VNC.
22 22 22 22 22 22

How delusional, believing
that once I could have connected with you,
fabulously, daydreaming, we would
have spent a VPS honeymoon.

No worries for any virtualization
or Docker
or Nginx,
no containers or fucking RAM,
travelling, candidly wobbling,
no tribulation of any kind
and living with a spirit filled with…

… Connection timed out.


Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International indietro