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About #

The original fundamental purpose of building Linuxplosion was editing Everyone. Some computerphiles friends joined me in finding the best components to use, as well as in assembling the computer. In particular, a huge shout-out to my friend Giorgio, who had the patience of bearing with me during all of the assembling process.

Giorgio inserting a component of the PC into the case
The CPU cooler and the graphic card in evidence on the left side of the case

I worked as a plumber all of August 2019 to buy it, and it has definitely been worth it. We finished assembling it the 5th of August.

Originally, the computer run Windows, but in 2020 I switched to Ubuntu. The only program which I miss is Lightroom (that runs in a VM, anyways), everything else works beautifully.
I currently do not use Linuxplosion much since it is not in the house where I live and I connect to it

Specs #

Schedule #

Linuxplosion is not a server, hence it should not stay switched on all of the time (also because it is so powerful that it sucks a lot of power). Nevertheless, I needed to make it magically turn on by itself at a given day of the week, so that I can [[Importing workflow#Mobile|import media from my phone]]. To do so, I run [[Cron Jobs#rtcwake|this Cron Job]].

Background knowledge #

Wake-on-LAN #

Cheat sheet #

This Cheat sheet is not in the same location as the main one, since Ubuntu commands may be somewhat different, and I do not use them often.

mounting a disk #

udisksctl mount -b /dev/sda2

remove user password #

sudo visudo

in order not to be prompted for the password the file which opens up add the following line:


where ernesto should be the name of your user.

to subsequently delete the password, run:

sudo passwd -d `whoami`

Software #

Software installed on Linuxplosion


Linuxplosion todo #