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Linuxplosion is my awesome workstation which I assembled in 2019 to edit Everyone. I now use for my most heavy computing tasks, such as video editing or image processing

About #

Linuxplosion was originally conceived to edit Everyone. Many computerphiles friends joined me in finding the best components to use, as well as in assembling it. In particular, a huge shoutout to my friend Giorgio, who had the patience of bearing with me during all of the assembling process.

Pictures of the assembling

I worked as a plumber all of August 2019 to buy it, and it has definitely been worth it.

Originally, it run Windows, but in 2020 I switched to Ubuntu. The only program which I miss is Lightroom, everything else works beautifully.
I currently don’t use Linuxplosion much since it’s not where I live and I seldom use it when I need great performance.

Specs #


Linuxplosion todo #

Personal notes on stuff I need to remember to do

  • Flickr2Piwigo last attempt
  • Nicholas Britell handbrake
  • +++

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