Stuff I need and things I just would love to have


There’so much content, online. This is a comprehensive list of stuff I follow on the internet.


Little insights about the design world.

Cheat Sheets

I use tech devices a lot, maybe too much, but I don’t dive in too technically. The few times I have to get things done with more technical tools, I need some reference.


A collection of colors I love and where I use them


Blogs or websites worth remembering.


Roadmap To Web Privacy And Freedom

My roadmap for achieving a healthier and more ethic online experience

Phone Backup And Formatting Workflow

To keep the phone rolling smoothly, from time to time a classic data backup and factory reset of the mobile device is necessary, but it’s important not to forget what to backup before hitting the red button. This is my checklist and importing workflow.


A comprehensive list of apps I use + apps I have to keep record of because I may need them, but not right now. Sub-elements in the lists are links to great learning resources (official documentation, if present, won’t be mentioned). Everything is free and Open Source, except where otherwise specified.

Website Roadmap

Creative and technical work to be done, ideas and drafts progress tracking on this website


Books I own and books I’d love to read and/or have

Notes On Ten Arguments For Deleting Your Social Media Accounts

Notes from the great book by Jaron Lanier, Ten Arguments for Deleting Your Social Media Accounts, which I discovered almost at the end of my journey in writing The Digital Freedom Manifesto. It explains in a better and more detailed way what I’ve been thinking about for months now.

Internet Freedom Manifesto Notes

There are literally a ton of collectives and associations around the world which fight for internet freedom and users’ rights, but I believe everything should start from the user’s end. Here there are my notes and thoughts to write the Internet Freedom Manifesto

di tutto e di più

Dato che per mia natura e vocazione finisco sempre in mezzo a una miriade di iniziative e progetti fantastici, mi trovo a partecipare o organizzare o condurre moltissimi piccoli eventi o interviste o incontri, e sono talmente tanti che alla fine rischio di dimenticarmeli e non riuscire più a trovarli. Per questo, proverò a tenere aggiornata questa lista di riferimento con tutto ciò a cui ho partecipato, attivamente o come spettatore, inserendo collegamenti a pagine, foto e informazioni.

Alcuni album di foto potrebbero essere privati. Scrivetemi un’email se avete partecipato e desiderate accedere.

Bugs And Feature Requests

I use mostly open source apps in active developement. Often, I notice bugs or I have ideas of possible improvements but I rarely have time to file a proper issue for every bug or a complete blog post for a feature request. Thus, in this list I quickly note all the toughts which pop up in my mind, hoping some day I’ll find enough time to effectively share my reports.

Internet Freedom Sources

Everything inspiring, meaningful or particularly significant about web privacy I find online.


A comprehensive list of great online resources for learning and more. Official documentation is not included, since it can usually be found with a quick and trivial research.

Programming Ideas

There are tools which it would be so useful for me to have but I can’t find the right scripts/programs/apps to accomplish the missing tools’ purposes.


Incontro tante perole belle (oppure brutte ma con un significato bello) e ho paura di perderle. Le segno qui. Gli eventuali numeri o lettere che seguono il link sono il significato specifico che mi interessa. La data corrisponde al momento in cui ho segnato qui la parola.

Around The World

Around the World is a song that I love by Red Hot Chili Peppers. It talks about the beauty of all the different and astounding places asound the world. This isn’t a list of places I’ve been to, but a record of the ones I carry in my heart, for some reason


Every geek worth to be called so has a custom launcher. This is the story of how I changed my preferred one for my first time, after several years.

Delete An Account

The quickest way to delete an account is to just click on the “delete account” button. There are two problems, though. ONE: often, there’s no button, TWO: if there is, it’s hidden somewhere in the most remote corners of the settings. This is how I attempt to solve both of them. There is a procedure to also request a copy of all the account data.

Server Setup


Accordi e testi delle canzoni da cantare a squarciagola e con la chitarra, davanti a un fuoco crepitante a qualunque ora del giorno o della notte


Soundtracks of my life. The songs which marked my exsistence and made me who I am.

Firefox Tweaks

I consider myself a Firefox power user: I love it and I take full advantage of its features. Here’s how I do it.


Real and fiction characters who left a mark in me


After watching these movies and series, I wasn’t the same anymore.

A Database Of My Brain

Maybe I’m just losing my time, but I believe it would be so nice if I could list out in this page all of the things I know and the ones I need or want to learn sooner or later.


Some are from celebrities, some were pronounced by friends of mine and may have no meaning to the public, in realtà sono quasi tutte in italiano dunque non ha senso che scriva la descrizione in inglese.

Compagni Di Viaggio

Gli oggetti da cui non mi separo mai. Quando li smarrisco o perdo la cognizione di dove sono in quel momento (spesso, addosso a me), entro in crisi.


There are hundreds (if not thousands) of free data sets available, ready to be used and analyzed by anyone willing to look for them. Below is a list of some of the most globally interesting I’ve come across, but there are many, many more in many different niches.


It’s a wonderful world, hidden in plain sight. Here there are some resources for inspiration and study.

Jack Frusciante è uscito dal gruppo

Enrico Brizzi aveva la mia età quando scrisse Jack Frusciante è uscito dal gruppo. Ho voluto capire quanto quello che aveva nella testa corrisponde a ciò che ho io ora. L’ho fatto stilando una lista di tutte le reference e citazioni presenti nel libro. Tutti i numeri non in lettere sono le pagine.