Online, you may stumble upon it as a Digital Garden, or it may be defined as a zettelkasten system. Mine, instead, is definitely less ambitious; yet, it is whipped, fragmented, juicy and sweet. It is a Jam.

I happen to make curious discoveries, as well as I end up having interesting thoughts which I need to save before they end up forgotten or while I find the right words to reformulate them and place them in the Zibaldone.

I take all of these things and I make The Jam out of them.

From this page, it is possible to start navigating in The Jam. There are two different ways to do this:

  • by topic — choosing a tag from the ones below
  • by clicking on one of the macro-notes (or MOCs) and diving deeper and deeper in growingly branched notes.

Every single element in The Jam is connected to at least another one: at the end of every note, in the backlinks, are listed all of the pages which link to the current one.

Filter by language

  • Website development - Creative and technical aims, ideas annotation and drafts tracking.
  • Tutto - Un archivio di tutte le cose che faccio e che ho fatto
  • Missing digital tools - Ideas for programs which would be very useful, but I didn't find yet
  • Server - My server is a surprisingly powerful (considered how much I pay for it) VPS hosted in Germany by Contabo. It runs Ubuntu 20.04.
  • Knowledge - A comprehensive list of great online resources for learning and more. Links to official documentation aren't included, since it can usually be found with a quick and trivial research.
  • Design - Little insights about the design world
  • Compagni di viaggio - Gli oggetti da cui non mi separo mai. Quando li smarrisco o perdo la cognizione di dove sono in quel momento (spesso, addosso a me), entro in crisi.
  • Cinema - After watching these movies and series, I was not the same anymore.
  • People - Real and fictional characters who left a mark in me
  • Blogroll - Blogs or websites worth remembering.
  • Wishlist - Stuff I need and things I just would love to have
  • Xplosion music - Soundtracks of my life. The songs which marked my existence and made me who I am.
  • Around the world - Places I love around the world
  • Books - Books I own and books I’d love to read and/or have
  • Filmmaking - Tips on set
  • Photography - Even though I am not a serious photographer, I absolutely love this form of expression. Here, I collect tips and inspiration to understand it
  • Self improvement - Practices for improving the self, its connection to the surrounding environment and living life in the best possible way
  • Stop highlighting, start underlining - Highlighting is strong, excessive, distracting, aggressive. Underlining is soft, neat, light, instead.
  • Website log - Since I put a lot of care and attention to details in this website (probably even too much) I figured out it's worth sharing my decisions about implementations and features...
  • Internet freedom - Insights and steps towards a greater digital awareness and freedom
  • Leggere - Insights about reading
  • Music - Insights about music when made, played, or listened
  • Xplosion attic - Sin da quando avevo 10 anni sognavo di trasferire la mia cameretta nella soffitta della mia casa a Riva Ligure, dove sono cresciuto. Riuscii a convincere i miei genitori ad...
  • Quotes - Some are from celebrities, some were pronounced by friends of mine and may have no meaning to the public, in realtà sono quasi tutte in italiano dunque non ha senso...
  • Quit and switch - Quitting systems, software, bad habits is always hard and often painful. Nevertheless, if it's for the best, it's worth it. Below some of the things I'm quitting.
The key feature which makes The Jam so effective and powerful is the connection among different thoughts. For this reason, the same jar which where The Jam is stored contains also notes I chose to keep private. You may encounter links which look [[like this]], you cannot click on them, it is totally normal since they are only privately available to me.

🏗 WIP section 🛠

This section should contain a beautifull graph displaying the relations among this note and all of the others on Unfortunately, showing it requires great coding skills and I am still working on it.