Tommi Space

Road to Internet Freedom

  1. Quit Social Media
  2. 🏗 Quit and switch
  3. ✅ Check policies, usage terms, privacy conditions of all the tools and services in use
  4. RSSify (note: subscribing to somebody’s RSS feed is not the same as following on social media)
  5. 🏗 Start using Indie Web
  6. ✅ 2020.12.20 Delete unused accounts and subscriptions
  7. ✅ 2020.12.20 Use AnonAddy addresses everywhere -> 2022.09 UPDATE: switched to SimpleLogin, now linked to Proton
  8. Reduce the passive digital footprint
  9. ✅ 2021.01.01Learn and improve PGP keys management
  10. 🏗 Set a private DNS as a system-wide encrypted DNS
  11. ✅ Install and configure self-hosted appster

further steps

These are further improvements which are not likely to be achieved in the near future.

  1. AdGuard Home, a network-wide ad-blocking system
  2. Switching back from iOS to a deGoogled Android phone
  3. Switching from MacOS to Linux