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This awesome and revolutionary tool we call the Internet is so powerful that it's becoming a threat to the freedom of the average user, who, in exchange for services, hands over his/her data, therefore giving up personal independence and liberty.

Here are noted various arguments, thoughts, speeches, documents, ideas and step-by-step guides to achieve a healthier online experience


Random links about privacy online


  1. Quit Social Media
  2. Backup, download, reorganize and clean data from Google Drive
    1. Check Storage folder
    2. Check Shared with me folder
  3. Reduce the digital footprint
    1. Stop using pricey and unethical services
      1. Switch from Flickr to Piwigo (70€/year vs 96€/3-years)
      2. Quit Spotify
    2. Quit IMDb and opt to a ethical alternative
    3. Delete unused accounts and subscriptions
    4. Use AnonAddy only for online subscriptions
  4. Check policies, usage terms, privacy conditions of all the tools and services in use
  5. Improve PGP keys management
  6. Self-host @tommi.space email addresses
    1. Setup a mail server
    2. Completely switch to self-hosted mail server
      1. import Gmail data
      2. import Protonmail data
    3. AnonAddy everywhere on the web
  7. Install and configure self-hosted apps only
  8. Set LibreDNS as the system-wide encrypted DNS (already used as DNS over HTTPS in Firefox)

further steps

These are further improvements which aren’t likely to be achieved in the near future.

  1. Install and use LineageOS instead of OxygenOS
  2. Install and use a Linux distro instead of MacOS
  3. Private DNS

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