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This awesome and revolutionary tool we call the Internet is so powerful that it’s becoming a threat to the freedom of the average user, who, in exchange for services, hands over his/her data, therefore giving up personal independence and liberty.

Here are noted various arguments, thoughts, speeches, documents, ideas and step-by-step guides to achieve a healthier online experience.

Choose the alternative #

Just complaining, waiting for things to get better one way or another, believing that a conscious use is enough to keep clear from big tech negative impact is simply bullshit.

To change something, to make things better just switch to healthier, more ethical, often even much better alternatives.

Quit and switch.

Roadmap #

Becoming free is a tricky topic by itself, but actually becoming free on the internet is very hard, if not impossible.

I wrote my own Road to Internet Freedom.

Random resources #

Random links about privacy online

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