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Let’s be honest: importing and managing personal media without relying on bug tech software is a stressful, itchy, and exhausting process. I am constantly trying to make it as simple, quick, and reliable as possible. Below I noted some some of my experiments and the steps I currently follow.

Mobile #

To save pictures from [[iOS Apps|my iPhone]] to linuxplosion I use photosync. Here are the key steps I performed to set everything up:

  1. make a desktop computer remotely reachable via SSH
  2. Importing pictures automatically via SFTP
  3. I configured PhotoSync so that directories based on date are automatically created.
  4. I set a weekly reminder to make me start the import when Linuxplosion is scheduled to be on

Old #

Before discovering photosync, I worked like this:

  1. import everything in an isolated folder
  2. run DupeGuru (VIDEOS MANAGEMENT?)
  3. run exiftool