Tommi Space

Geek Todo

  1. 0 2 * * * BACKUP_PORT=60213 /usr/local/bin/backup || echo 'The automatic backup has failed.' | mailx -s 'AUTO BACKUP FAILED'
  2. Automations
  3. Xplosion Server dotfiles backup
  4. Switching to Linux
  5. Configure Firefly III
  6. Use Samsung tablet as graphic table
  7. Scambi Festival 2022 + LNS 2023 videos upload on Internet Archive
  8. Open source STT software + library, for automated workflow
  9. Backup/storage/hosting with Cubbit’s Object Storage Cubbit Cloud-to-cloud (implement with Dejà Dup Backups/Timeshift/Pika Backups)
  10. Server fallback
  11. Using YunoHost as a Tor Hidden Service
  12. GiTMI
  13. Images and Storage
  14. Integrate audios, albums and images in log/daily Zettelkasten system (unique images and audios links to be opened)
  15. Setup Matrix server
  16. Scripts
    • get location/coordinates from CLI (and use them in espanso for :fm command)
  17. Consistent resume creation (HackMyResume)
  18. Linuxplosion#To do
  19. Update Storage and Backup checklist
  20. Cross-environment Tags integration
    • audios: notes containing shared links of files in Cubbit?
    • images: consider collecting shared links of albums in a private Giri, or integrate some sort of authentication wall (as with Flickr currently) in the public one. Does it make sense? Not too much of a waste of time?
  21. Configure and install sensible.vim, to associate keybindings to commands on Vim
  22. Create a CSS framework
  23. MacBook Pro color profile
  24. #geek/idea s
  25. TMI Pics custom CSS
  26. to-dos
  27. Road to Internet Freedom
  28. Bugs and Feature Requests
  29. Learn