There’so much content, online. This is a comprehensive list of stuff I follow on the internet.

Stuff: Newsletters by people, newsletters by magazines, newsletters by computers, feeds of various sort, Telegram channels, Telegram Groups, Facebook Groups, Facebook Pages, people’s blogs

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Gosh, I loveRSS. I think the whole world should evolve around it. Such a clever, useful, simple, neat, old but solid technology anybody should know. Click on the following link to download my feed (all the RSS Feeds I subscribed to).

My Feed- updated 2020.09.16


Telegram channels

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Telegram Public Groups

  • Associazione Oltre, il gruppo pubblico di discussione dell’Associazione Culturale di Sanremo di cui sono presidente.
  • BiT PoliTo Forum, gruppo pubblico su Bitcoin, Blockchain e Crypto gestito dal team studentesco BIT PoliTo
  • FSFE Milano, FSFE Local Group Milano: gruppo telegram di coordinamento e discussione attivitàFSFEMilano

Telegram Bots


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C’era un tempo - lontano - in cui tutti i ragazzi di Radioimmaginaria stavano in contatto principalmente via facebook


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