Website Development


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Improvements concerning the data module of, hence any sort of data about Tommi.

  • Better JSON-LD implementation
  • Use JavaScript to include sub-entries (e.g. Including in tommi.js data about Scambi Festival from scambi.js)


  1. Fix EB Garamond loading in italic only
  2. Optimize CLS
  3. Webmentions implementation
  4. The Jam: implement graph
  5. page redirection language
  6. Blog posts pagination
  7. improved Wikilinks
  8. Backlinks
  9. Multilingual sitemap
  10. Print todo points of every page at the bottom of it


  2. Temporary pseudo-Zig: a “changelog” section in homepage, looping through the last few pages updated recently (based on page.updated)
  3. Improve search
  4. Add a section in each note where if more, in the front matter more: (encyclopedia page of the same topic)
  5. Self-hosted analytics
  6. automatic CV compiling implementation
  7. Full width images in posts and article’s max-width instead of padding
  8. Consider switching from [a unique page with all tags][tags] to individual pages for each tag


  1. Configure and implement [ActivityPub]
  2. automatic Sconnesso audios transctiptions
  3. Visions improvement: see Images#Gallery improvement and Flickr to Piwigo).
  4. Improved building workflow
    1. Integrate URL checking services in the workflow
  5. The Jam: Preview a note when hovering on link
  6. Watchlog implementation


further improvements

Creative ideas

page-specific to-dos