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Table of contents

Creative and technical work to be done, ideas and drafts progress tracking on this website

Not Working

  • Tags page color display errors
  • language loop in language selection
  • Parsing error in jar list elements with a tags


Work in progress content:

  • Making this website article
  • Giri da spettatore
  • Playlist
  • Cinema
  • The Slots Philosophy
  • add a “première” section to the Everyone page
  • Around the World
    • Alternanza Scuola-Lavoro
    • date ospiti Giffoni cineforum
    • Incontri Masterclass
    • Film in concorso Giffoni
    • giri
      • opera
      • teatro
      • concerti
      • conferenze
  • Add Love Jar item, with all of the definitions of love.
  • Add Zen / Self improvement / Lifestyle / loops Jar item
    • boundaries
    • loop habits
    • The Slots Philosophy
    • self debugging
      • a self-debugging script in programming ideas
  • Add Herbertismo Jar item
  • Add Obsidian in bugs and feature requests
  • A program which counts the number of times a key has been clicked on a keyboard
  • Desk Photo Archive
    • name
    • explanation I've always been one of those people who's never satisfied about how their room is
    • explanation 2 Every 27 days, no matter what, at exactly 12:11 PM I'll have to take my camera and shoot a photo of my desk. No matter what's on it or how is it. Just to immortalize my main life companion in that moment.
    • photos
  • drafts


This is a list. It’s sorted by priority, not amount of work). Thus, quick and easy features might be at the bottom but might also be the first ones to be implemented, while the ones at the top might be the most important, but they may require a longer time and harder work to be completed, so they’ll be finished later.

  1. Get rid of jQuery (it’s used just in one case and it’s not worth it: downloading it takes around 1.5s of the website loading time) and use simple JavaScript for the task it’s used for
  2. Visioni
  3. Take the most advantage possible from installed plugins
  4. The Jar reorganization
    • show only parent tags
    • an unstyled simple bullet point list
  5. Access tags colors from posts and jar lists (change the color slightly also for every entry which is untagged)
  6. Tags 1. Use jekyll-datapage_gen to generate tags pages 1. Check this plugin) 1. article 1 1. article 2 1. Configure jTag
  7. Switch to Zettelkasten
    • git submodules
    • make backlinks optional: insert if statement out of the div and make the box appear only if at least one backlink is present
    • how to convert Zetelkasten links to ordinary links
    • Backlinking
    • simply-jekyll, a template with backlinking setup
    • from Jekyll forum
  8. Pagination
  9. Thumbnails in Zibaldone’s feed
  10. Improve Jekyll SEO Tag plugin
  11. Style caret-color
  12. Self-host website
  13. Content history
  14. Convert some Jar elements to _data files
    • Quotes
    • Parole
    • Cinema
    • Jack Frusciante
    • Resources
    • rimm-db
  15. Evaluate copyright change
  16. Bookmarked threads on Jekyll Talk (Jelyll’s forum)
  17. implement side-notes
  18. improve header
  19. Configure global properties in _config.yml to perform changes in a quicker way
  20. Typography
  21. Mailtrain setup
  22. RSS Feeds management
  23. Mailtrain automation with RSS
  24. Hosting on server instead of using Netlify
  25. CSS only dark/light mode toggle
  26. Improved and smart use of the vh and vw units. A guide
    • .box and .stuff max heights
  27. A page which contains links to ALL PAGES (a sitemap?)
  28. Sorting / filtering (using JavaScript?)
    • in Zibaldone and The Jar: language and tag filter
    • in Books: Sorting
  29. Configure Webmentions
  30. Improve blockquotes; some insights:
  31. Design improvements
    • make shades slightly colored, according to the belonging object
    • refine the color palette
  32. Stick the menu bar to the bottom instead of sticking it to the top, as in Humane Tech website
  33. Piwigo integration?
  34. Create Jekyll theme
  35. Switch to Hugo


Check Awesome Jekyll Plugins. A list of interesting plugins which aren’t installed yet follows:

Creative experiments


  • Animations (little and simple but effective)
    • buttons: xs and menus (see tokyo-voice.jp or traxmag.com)
  • back-to-top button
  • basic coloured biiig shapes
  • Backlinks
  • Better Open Graph Protocol integration
  • Button inner-shadow instead of transform when hovering
  • “blogroll”: a list of blogs which inspire me, see Pawlean
  • change mobile browser bar colour
  • Color Jar items according to the belonging tag
  • custom selection colour for text
  • customise 404 page
  • Creative Commons (or, in general, a license) for every image of the site (one for every image or one specified) FOOTER CC LICENSE
  • tags description and link to stuff
  • checkbox styling
  • Convert to flex
  • CSS cleanup
  • CSV databases (check this post)
  • cursor styling
  • final header configuration
  • Fix jekyll-target-blank plugin, which is NOT WORKING! See the related issue.
  • gif instead of images
  • Global search
  • Hover effects
  • id anchor links
  • inline code styling
  • input fields styling
  • Language selection straight from landing page - 2020.09.11
  • language switch
  • letter-spacing and word spacing (it’s nice as it is)
  • light/dark mode switch button (I’m deep and dark / I’m bright and shiny)
  • list of belonging tags at the top of the post page
  • Make about a page
  • Mobile optimisation
  • move stuff extended to The Jar
  • Neumorphism redesign
    1. Start by smoothing corners
    2. go on by using this tool
    3. use Eva icons
  • Now page
  • page image preview when sending link, see the Open Graph Protocol
  • Poetry
    • section instead of tag
    • custom styling
  • Privacy Policy
  • RSS Feed
  • Self-host media and heavy files on assets.tommi.space to make git folder lighter
  • separate website/repo/domain for web and online resources or for geek stuff in general (configured as The Jar)
  • Serif font styling in posts
  • Share button
  • Share on Jekyll showcase
  • stuff extended
  • SVG buttons
  • Switch to SCSS for styling
  • table of contents
  • Tags
    • move tags specifications to _data
    • in every post, show the tags to which it belongs
    • create unique page for all tags, anchor to choose a single one
      1. Fix some tags which are repeated multiple times
      2. Fix gradient not being displayed as text color (check CSS Tricks’ titles on hover)
      3. Display Jar elements in tags list
      4. choose once and for all categories VS tags (using tags)
      5. Instead of inlining specific properties, create classes for every tag and create a for loop in SCSS accessing site.data.tags colors
      6. Access tag data (such as color, bg-color, description) from the _data folder

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