Cubbit is a brilliant and revolutionary decentralized cloud service.

On top of the awesomeness of the service, I am a fan of Cubbit also for several particular reasons:

  • I am among the first backers of the project
  • I proudly own two Cubbit cells
  • Cubbit is sponsoring Scambi Festival
  • I met Stefano Onofri, Cubbit CEO, and he showed me around Bologna, the city where Cubbit was born. It was a great experience and I had the opportunity of seeing the enthusiasm and commitment Cubbiters have!
A photo of me and my friend Margherita with Stefano Onofri, on the rooftop of Cubbit HQ
Me and Margherita with Stefano on the rooftop of Cubbit’s HQ

The only problem of Cubbit is that, being so cutting-edge, its development is sloooow and new features are rolled out very, very rarely.

Feature requests

  1. Waiting for the whole Cubbit source to be made open
  2. Improved photos management
    • better image previews and thumbnails
    • albums support
  3. WebDAV support
  4. Multiple account support in the apps
  5. File tagging
  6. Collaborative editing of documents
  7. Customization
    • using a custom domain
    • custom logo
    • custom accent colors
  8. Rclone support