Tommi Space


Il mio concetto di cinema può essere a sommi capi rappresentato dalla visione di cinema che mi dona Woody Allen. {lang=it}


My all-time favorite movies and series:


Movies I intend to watch are logged in my Watchlist.


Movies I watched are logged in Watchlog. The current method I am using for logging what I watch is made by a system I devised to be as simple and as adaptable as possible, in case I will ever be able to use a unique dedicated software: I log movies into this CSV data file, and I log series (for which single episodes are harder to be tracked) on Stremio.


Stremio is everything most people would ever need to watch movies and series. Nevertheless, it lacks some integrations I believe would make it awesome and near-perfect. In particular, I envision an ethical software that manages most of the Watchlog and the Watchlist, while providing social functionality. I called it Moviewyrm.

Otherwise, I wrote a guide in Italian:

Scaricare film, come si deve, una mia guida in italiano per scaricare film tramite torrent. {lang=it}