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I use mostly open source apps in active developement. Often, I notice bugs or I have ideas of possible improvements but I rarely have time to file a proper issue for every bug or a complete blog post for a feature request. Thus, in this list I quickly note all the toughts which pop up in my mind, hoping some day I’ll find enough time to effectively share my reports.


Joplin is a wonderful and complete note-taking app.

Features requests

  • Export to docx/odt / pandoc integration
  • Choose or edit formatting options of exported PDFs from GUI
  • Syntax Highlighting on mobile
  • Keyboard Shortcut for To-Do/Note conversion
  • display To-Dos on top after reminder rung
  • when a completed to-do has an indented point, dim it too
  • remove the delete confirmation button by adding a “Trash” notebook which empties itself automatically every x days
  • understanding note versioning
  • multiple simultaneous note editing
  • MOBILE: when clicking on reminder’s notification, go to the reminder in question
  • tags and Markdown syntax elements count as letters/words in letter and word counting
  • Notebook pinning
  • split view: two notes at the same time
  • <br /> shortcut
  • Join the Common Mark standard
  • don’t create the _resources folder when exporting a note without resources


Signal is the most secure and private messaging app in the world

  • markdown syntax (or any text formatting capability)
  • voice note playback also when app is in the background (Telegram-like player)
  • play two or more consequent audios consequently, without having to press play twice or more
  • setting to choose to automatically download media

Oxygen OS

Oxygen OS is the Android flavour developed and used by OnePlus

  • match the lock screen and ambient display design (right now digital clocks have two different fonts and sizes)
  • add the capability to customize the alert slider

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