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The Apps I use the most are open source software in active development. Often, I notice bugs or I have ideas of possible improvements but I rarely have time to file a proper issue for every bug or a exhaustive post for a feature request. Thus, in this list I quickly note all the thoughts which pop up in my mind, hoping some day I’ll find enough time to effectively share my reports.


Signal is the most secure and private messaging app in the world

  • markdown syntax (or any text formatting capability)
  • setting to choose to automatically download media

Loop habit tracker

Loop Habit Tracker is an open source app for Self tracking

  • Add the capability of inserting daily numbers instead of boolean values only. (e.g. to track how many candies I ate)


Obsidian is an awesome Zettelkasten management system which perfectly integrates with markdown and Jekyll.

  • choose to hide front matter when embedding other notes, even if “show YAML front matter” is switched on for the notes
  • printing all broken links
  • in editor mode last 2 letters are hidden. (fixed by setting .CodeMirror overflow: unset)
  • cursor error
  • make wiki-like links work in divs too


Cubbit is a great decentralized cloud. I’m among the first backers and I love it.

  • Possibility to use a custom domain

Oxygen OS

Oxygen OS is the Android flavor developed and used by OnePlus

  • match the lock screen and ambient display design (right now digital clocks have two different fonts and sizes)
  • add the capability to customize the alert slider


Joplin is a wonderful and complete note-taking app.

Note: I stopped using Joplin as my daily driver since November 2020 and I switched to Obsidian. The reasons why I did this are in this blog post.

Features requests

  • Export to docx/odt: pandoc integration
  • Choose or edit formatting options of exported PDFs from GUI
  • Syntax Highlighting on mobile
  • Keyboard Shortcut for To-Do/Note conversion
  • display To-Dos on top after reminder rung
  • when a completed to-do has an indented point, dim it too
  • remove the delete confirmation button by adding a “Trash” notebook which empties itself automatically every x days
  • multiple simultaneous note editing
  • MOBILE ONLY: when clicking on reminder’s notification, go to the reminder in question
  • Notebook pinning
  • <br /> shortcut
  • Join the Common Mark standard
  • don’t create the _resources folder when exporting a note which hasn’t any attachments
  • Toggle an automatic table of content creation
  • Support for YAML front matter
  • Implement split view: two different notes side by side


  • cmd + E works only to switch external editing on, not to turn it off


  • One thing I’m still trying to figure out is how to make more pictures appear for a gallery page. They are too few and it’s really complicated to modify the size of the thumbnail to make them look nice. ✅ 2021.01.07 it’s sufficient to go in the settings page of the user in question and change the value of “number of photos per page”
  • Sharing private galleries links (see GitHub issue)
  • Implement Collections, as in Flickr


A plugin to import pictures from Flickr.

  • Import album descriptions
  • Import Collections as parent albums


Zettlr is the best Markdown editor out there.

Since November 2020 I stopped using Zettlr because its work could be made by Obsidian
  • Implement split view: two different notes side by side

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