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A website appears in this list for at least one of these three reasons:

  1. I admire its creator and/or author and/or owner
  2. its design is great and it may have inspired my own website
  3. it has a particular unique or brilliant feature

The following list follows an alphabetical order.

  • Leo Babauta’s blog: the perfect example of a literally minimalistic website. It’s not poor of content, yet it’s neat, clean and intuitive.
  • Backpackerz: rewind 2010s, the precursor of the new generation of “longreads” (a.k.a.: articles which take a lot of time to be read and written)
  • Born Free Generation, transforming a short movie, a story, in a website, done the right way. Genuinely beautiful.
  • Cafundó Academy Blog, those GIFs
  • CANALS, a digital exhibit which travels through the history of Amsterdam’s canals
  • Hejo, a personal website whose looks I do not like at all, but I love the dashboard-like homepage.
  • Once Upon a Time Magazine, some sort of web magazine on Once Upon a Time in Hollywood by Quentin Tarantino. This website is astounding, it left me open-mouthed, it’s a great work and it feels so good: it’s a piece of art, literally.
  • Tim Holman: this man is the perfect stereotype of the crazy, eccentric and hilarious geek. Parts of me want to be like him. Creations inside this website are madly clever. source code.
  • Andy Matuschak’s personal website and his notes are arguably the best example of exploitation of the power and beauty of the internet. Andy’s notes are an example and source of inspiration for everyone who grows a Zettelkasten or Digital Garden
  • Tania Rascia’s blog: Tania has a great story, but the thing I love the most is the clean, minimal, neat design and layout. You get what you’re looking for in no time.
  • Derek Sivers: there’s so much content and wit, so many insights, pages and links it makes anyone browsing around get crazy. I like it a lot. Also, but more importantly: this guy is so cool
  • Dusty Cloud, Morgan Lemmer-Webber’s personal website. Its homepage is lovely: it’s the perfect example of introducing a virtual place as an actual space.
  • Luke Smith, gosh, what an individual. I love his philosophy about the internet. His website is here because of his personal library page
  • Trax Magazine. Let’s be honest: in the end every online magazine / news website looks the same. This one has a unique identity, great colors and a wonderful design, which doesn’t jeopardize readability and focus
  • UX Essays, every blog should be like this
  • Nikita Voloboev’s wiki, a huge amount of knowledge and inspiration
  • Work Responsibly, I can’t believe something so minimal can be so beautiful


Photography websites deserve a dedicated section, since their content takes up more than in other type of websites


Websites which award other websites for their design, usability, creativity and responsiveness:


Websites that are not here because of one of the reasons at the top, but I do not want to forget them. I created Internet awesomeness, a telegram channel containing every more or less useful website I stumble upon.