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To keep the phone rolling smoothly, from time to time a classic data backup and factory reset are necessary, but it’s important not to forget what to save before hitting the red button. These are my checklist and importing workflow.

Laptop #

  • /Library/User\ Pictures
  • Custom fonts
  • Custom bash Scripts

Mobile #

  • Export apps settings
    • OSMAnd+ favorites and settings
  • WiFi passwords
  • WhatsApp
    • important messages
    • archived messages
    • global backup
  • images
  • audios
    • recordings
    • important WhatsApp audios
  • Contacts (if not synced)
  • Apps notification settings
  • Two Factor Authentication App

Transfer files #

I use ADB to transfer any file or folder from my Android device to my Mac, and this is how I do it.

Firstly, connect the phone to the computer.

Open the terminal and move to the platform-tools folder (I keep in Documents)

cd Documents/platform-tools

Then, check if the two devices are connected correctly by running

./adb devices

navigate in the phone’s directories

./adb shell

ls -al

once the path of the directories which contain the content that has to be copied on the computer has been noted, execute:

./adb pull /path/in/phone /destination/path/on/computer

And it’s done. This is how simple, neat, fast, and powerful this process is.

Mobile photo importing workflow #

My Importing workflow

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