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Below there are my notes, thoughts and doubts concerning the project, yet I have many more which I already posted on Anytype community. I formulated most of them during the Alpha Testers onboarding call in October 2021, but I almost never updated them since I am not using Anytype on a daily basis
  • how does Anytype connect to the outer world?
  • is the public front-end going to be customizable with CSS, by choosing one’s own TLD, etc.?
  • ActivityPub/Fediverse implementation + Webmentions: how to link stuff which comes also from outside Anytype? What about JSON-LD implementation?
  • How does media files work and how use Anytype also as a gallery for pictures and videos?
  • understanding what/how much is stored locally and what/when it is kept in the backup server, according to which principle. Criteria for storing huge files?
  • Plugins?

My take

As of , I believe that Anytype is awesome: it has an immense potential and its usefulness is mindblowing. Still, in order to make an operating system for life actually usable it requires far more features to accomodate every peculiar need.

Why am I not using it

Currently, my plain text-based system uses Obsidian to bring everything together, yet my note structure is not tied to the system, and I can access it any way I want. Being so “low-level” and simple, maintaining this system is probably not very seamless and frictionless, nevertheless, it is totally depending on me and my choices, not on a specific software.

On the other hand, using Anytype I would be tied to a system that, apart from lacking features I need, does not guarantee direct access to the source in an effortless way: I could get my stuff in a human-readable and movable form only by exporting it. Lastly, but most importantly, the development and the whole thing is totally out of my hands: more than publishing some posts on the community, I cannot do. My current system is something I completely understand and that I can manipulate to the bone. By using Anytype—as well of any of the plenty rich-text note-taking apps that are popping up every second—I lack the technical skills to change what I want, regardless of the source code being open or not.

I am sticking with my beloved plain text, Markdown and good old front matter. We will see what is coming up next, and I might change my mind.

Update: I found out about JSON-LD only recently. I have far more to learn about it and its functioning, yet I believe it would be the best way to achieve most of the points I was doubtful about before. I think that an effective implementation of JSON-LD would actually fully empower Anytype.