Ve UMEU 2022


  • why is Hungary still in the EU if Fidesz is Euro-skeptic and it holds the majority?

Social Climate Fund

Aiming at evenly distributing the cost to sustain in order to carry out the green transition. Ensuring that all of the EU goes towards carbon neutrality at the same pace.

  • Not a stable and permanent measure, temporary tool, from 2025-2032 (Art. 1)
  • Its use by member states depends by each country Social Climate Plan
  • It works complementarily with the ETS directive and the Energy Efficiency Directive

Fidesz’s points

  • we already have our Climate Protection Law, proving that Europe is strong-arming its own terms on a regulatory change that states originally intend to pursue in the first place
  • how to redistribute and how to make polluters pay should be up to member states alone
  • the institution of the Fund as a complementary tool means that EU is building a house of cards of regulations on top of regulations and each one should fix the problems of the other
  • Article 8: member states are left with the legislative burden of enacting regulations whose terms that they did not choose. They should have the liberty of modifying the terms themselves. The regulation should have a greater flexibility.
  • States as Hungary, towards which the EU clearly has a negative bias, are more likely to see their Social Climate Plans rejected. This legislation assumes all Plans will be good. The conditionality determined by the unclear requirements of the Plans make this regulation all but actually useful.
  • Member stated should not carry the burden of as much as 50% of their plan. If the EU wants to add regulations, it should assume the economical responsibility of making it true, too.

Artificial Intelligence

Comprehensive legal framework for the use of AI in the Union.

Artificial Intelligence: technologies able to reach a pre-defined result through human-like autonomy and capacity.

Press conference

  • Have you ever been to Budapest? It is one of the most beautiful countries in the Union. You breathe Europe by walking down its streets.
  • Our government is democratic. So help us god, we will fight this
  • our probbem is not the European Union. We do not advocate for no EU, we stand against this EU.
  • The reason I did not join the press conference is not me not being confident enough about my amendments, but rather showing to the public that my commitment is not limited to appearances and bold statements, but rather in representing my party in the best way I can