Ve UMEU 2021

Topics of VeUMEU 2021:

Right to disconnect

A workers’ right to disengage from their work even when reached by virtual communications such email.

There is currently no European regulative framework to assess the Right to Disconnect.

The problem

Even if the use of digital tools at work drastically improved some aspects of employees’ work, several are the drawbacks, specially on the worker’s health.


COVID-19 sped up the digitalization process of work; this was

The first country to implement the right to disconnect were the Philippines in 2017.

What if I am a journalist and I do not pick up the phone when there is an emergency to cover?

Rules of procedure

How different institutions have different approaches to the same problem

Fabrizio Marrella

Honourable Presidency and fellow MEPs, the MEP of Portugal Social Democratic Party would like to remind all of you that preserving member states independence and freedom is a core value of the European Union.
In order to preserve such independence, it is our duty to ensure that no state enforces legislation which is more flexible than in other countries of the Union.
Therefore, we cannot permit single states to implement legislation which could encourage firms to move their registered offices where the Right to Disconnect is not equally enforced.
In the long run, the disadvantages for smaller countries that in particular the ID group are so strongly fighting for

we stress that both employers’ and employees’ rights should be guaranteed, and we support an amendment to art. 7 which allows employees’ to sign in to flexible working hours

Amending greater state sovreignity would create great inequality from the economical point of view, in the long run.