Thesis Notes

Random ideas and notes about my thesis.


Broadly, related to:


  • Parallelismo no oil legislation, no social media legislation: a grey matter. In both cases, legislation only curbs the problem, does not avoid it. The problem lies in the roots, namely exploitation of resources at the espense of locals for what concerns oil, and centralized control of super-national platforms for what concerns social media.
  • La considerazione dello switching cost.
  • Minoranze potrebbero tendere ad essere isolate
  • see Logic and Philosophy of Science II#The notion of Rationality in Economics: social media do not necessarily influence preferences, but completeness.
  • from Political Philosophy I: ask to Azzolini for insights concerning Weber’s position in light of surveillance based on mathematical calculus which is extending in more and more spheres of society
  • Technocratic degeneration of society