The Slot Philosophy

Slots are simply time slots: half or full hours which to be entirely dedicated to something I want or need to do. If some unrelated or distracting idea pops up in my mind, I write it down to remember it, but I get to it only when it is the possible to dedicate a whole slot to it.

Bricker advises writing down the trigger, whether or not you subsequently give in to the distraction. He recommends noting the time of day, what you were doing, and how you felt when you noticed the internal trigger that led to the distracting behavior as soon as you are aware of the behavior, because it’s easier at that point to remember how you felt. I’ve included a Distraction Tracker at the back of this

Nir Eyal, Indistractable, Chapter 6

The Slot Philosophy is awesome because slots can be rearranged everyday, and their accomplishment can be tracked through Self tracking apps.

The Slot Philosophy is a powerful tool to contrast +++ (that thing where you always start something and you drop it to start some sub-thing to do).

My Slots

  • .5 internet awesomeness
  • 1 content creation
  • .5 tunz time
  • .5 knowledge
    • reading news
    • reading books
    • listening to music while focusing on words
  • .5-.8 Physical
  • .5 wandering (free the mind)
  • Saluto al sole mattina
  • bere tanto
  • money logging
  • Yoga || / && Mindfulness
  • un tempo per le notizie
  • un tempo per la lettura
  • un tempo, limitato, per le cose al computer
  • momento artistico
  • momento knowledge
  • momento spiritual
  • momento stacco
  • momento sport
  • momento Oltre


  • Timelines, an iOS only app for time tracking. It is incredibly similar to my concept of Timeline, but it has a pro subscription which is not worth it.
  • Monofocus, setting WIP short-term tasks and get periodical reminders to focus specifically on one single task only