How can a musical be so inspiring and true I really cannot understand.
I just know I deeply love Jonathan Larson.

Here is the whole script.

La vie bohème

To days of inspiration
Playing hookie, making something out of nothing
The need to express
To communicate,
To going against the grain,
Going insane
Going mad
To loving tension, no pension
To more than one dimension,
To starving for attention,
Hating convention, hating pretension
Not to mention of course,
Hating dear old mom and dad
To riding your bike,
Midday past the three-piece suits
To fruits to no absolutes
To Absolute- to choice
To the Village Voice
To any passing fad
To being an us-for once-, instead of a them

At 1:23:44, like Pier Paolo Pasolini:

Anyone out of the mainstream
Is anyone in the mainstream?
Anyone alive with a sex drive


The opposite of war isn’t peace, it’s creation

What the Pope underscored in his interview at minute 10.

It was before I met you

Mimi and Roger (1:40:40) as Dolores and Andrea in Santa Maradona

Roger… nothing happened. Benny and me, it’s over. We had a thing once, but it was two years ago It doesn’t matter It was before I met you… I don’t care