People is some sort of a self-debugging, but taking place by talking with other people outside of yourself


About the importance of reciprocal openness and explicitness concerning relationship feelings:

I want to build relationships where everyone involved is able to explicitly talk about what they want to get out of it, and how we can work together to make each other happy. I’ve found that having defining the relationship discussions has been an effective way to do this.

Wesley Aptekar-Cassels, Defining the Relationship, on

Collective reciprocal feelings sharing

Feelings checkin is a Recurse Center tradition, which is designed to give people a space to share and process their feelings. […] It’s really easy to do, so if you would value having a space to process your emotions, you too can start a feelings checkin group!
Feelings checkin is a weekly event, usually with somewhere from 3 to 10 people who attend. It’s a space to reflect on the feelings you’ve had over the past week. It’s held in a private, hopefully comfy room.

Wesley Aptekar-Cassels, Feelings Checkin, on

Questions to start with, by Jackie Luo

Relationship with technology

Interestingly, I’ve found that things which should be chores, for example checking my messages or notifications, have started to become treats — I get a dopamine rush from doing them.

I think if I want to cut down my phone use, I need to start consciously treating these things as chores instead. The only reason I do them should be because I have to do them.

Ethan, Threats vs chores

Here are three things that I’ve learned in the past 12 months: Technology showed its utility by helping people and businesses manage through a crisis. Our increasingly digital lives have also created new problems that will be hard to fix. And the most important things have nothing to do with technology.

Shira Ovide, Our Virtual Pandemic year

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