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Politics is the ongoing competition between people, usually in groups, to shape policy in their favor.

Political Science, an Introduction (Global Edition, 2017), page 17

We might see politics as a combination of goals or policies plus the power necessary to achieve them.

who gets what


a movement centered on uncompromising opposition to capitalism, giving pre-eminence to the economic aspect of life, convinced that the end of capitalism will usher in an era of permanent prosperity, peace, and progress; aimed at achieving an egalitarian and brotherly society through the abolition of most or all individual ownership of property; strengthened by the certainty of possessing the truth and the key to happiness for all.

Massimo Salvadori, Modern Socialism (1968), p. 4

For many socialists, socialism was a secular faith with all the attributes of religion. As believers often do, socialists tended to live among themselves and to alienate themselves from the rest of the community. In nonsocialists they saw enemies with whom no reconciliation was possible, or else future converts who could be emancipated from ignorance with whom contacts took the form of missionary activities.

Massimo Salvadori, Modern Socialism (1968), p. 10



Politics ideas

A good student of Political Science should not allow their emotions to interfere with the study of the subject. Nevertheless, while I study Politics I stumble upon issues whose solution seems to me both trivial and game-changing. I note such solutions here, so that when I will be the greatest emperor planet Earth has ever seen I will do the right things.

  1. Making polls for bureaucrats and public services’ employees in order to ask them what should be improved in their field of expertise
  2. Developer-like documentation for everything concerning public procedures
  3. Italy: increase the threshold parties must surpass to get seats in the parliament, in order to increase stability
  4. Better exploit the state’s real estates


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