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Favorites #

OpenStreetMap does not have a “favorites” feature, hence I saved my favorite places on uMap, which is not the best solution, since it is quite hard to save places from mobile, but it is nevertheless very useful. Furthermore, I can Import in uMap CSV files, and mine is here, accessible to Jekyll with the Liquid function.

One thing I still need to figure out is how I can implement everything together: keeping places.csv up to date, log new places on my OpenStreetMap diary, and add new ones to my uMap. The public result, namely the combination of the above mentioned, should be nicely displayed in around the world.

Resources #


Setting up the OpenStreetMap API in order to match page.location

🏗 WIP section 🛠

This section should contain a beautifull graph displaying the relations among this note and all of the others on Unfortunately, showing it requires great coding skills and I am still working on it.