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What I am doing right now:


I am living in Venice, Italy, where I am attending Philosophy, International Studies and Economics at Ca’ Foscari University.

Specifically, my upcoming exams:

Serving as Scout Chief

I am currently serving as a scout chief in the Reparto Corona Boreale for the scout group Mira 1 in Oriago di Mira (VE).

Working on Scambi Festival

Scambi is a cultural festival of laboratories I organized with a crew of dreamers. It takes place during the last week of August in Sanremo, Italy.
The festival was born from our urge to fight the intolerance towards anything or anyone different. While our planet is getting hotter and drier every day, relationships of the people living on it are getting colder and more feeble.
Our purpose is to overcome this tendency by rediscovering the powerful magic behind the meeting of people.

Opening event of Scambi 2021

Projects, ideas, and collaborations

In the meanwhile, I am continuing to wander around Italy to take part and/or assist to interesting things that happen. I take note of the most important stuff here, and here I log everything (literally anything) I have done.