If my personality was a website (and it is), it would be colorful, full of images, crazy, yet meaningful and emphatic.

The challenge, nevertheless, is not about achieving this goal by stuffing tons of content in a webpage and in its code, but it is rather about finding the perfect equilibrium between what accomplishes the purpose of transmitting the right message to the viewer/reader and what bloats the site and makes the user experience a distracting mess.

I am personally trying to fine-tune this website’s design in order to get to the perfect middle way.
I would love to make this website strictly minimal, by using little or no CSS, no webfonts, few super-tiny images; but, unfortunately, this is not who I am and it would not express my actual character.
On the other hand, I absolutely do not want this website to be a burden more than an enjoyment to navigate: loading times should not be too long and the user experience needs to be smooth and pleasant.

Below, I gather some quotes, links, thoughts and resources about this topic. I log in the Website log all of the decisions I make about what features this website should or should not have, and why.